This new dentist wants to make otaku dreams come true.

Tokyo’s Akihabara, or “Akiba” as it’s affectionately known in otaku circles, has long been known as a place where moe, feelings of strong affection towards 2-D characters in media like anime and manga, isn’t just accepted but encouraged and celebrated.

The warm and fuzzy world of moe is laden with cuteness and a sense of comfort, and it’s the central concept that maid cafes in the area have built their successes on. Now, the concept of maids and moe is being used to provide comfort to another type of clientele in a slightly more nerve-wracking environment — the dentist’s office.

▼ That’s right – a moe dentist is opening up in Akihabara.

This unusual dentist’s office goes by the name “Akiba Shika” (“Akiba Dentistry”) in Japanese and “Akiba Dental Clinic” in English. Unlike other dental clinics, this one has a hygienist who’s dressed as a maid, and to get everyone acquainted with the unusual concept, a preview event was held for the public on 10-12 June, ahead of the clinic’s official July opening.

Our reporter Seiji Nakazawa stopped by to see what it was all about, and when he arrived, the first thing that impressed him was the beauty of the reception area, which was clean, modern, calm, and inviting.

▼ Then he stepped into the dentist’s room, and that’s where he got his first glimpse of moe at the dentist.

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