Sold-out meals cause a buzz online, but are they really worth a visit to the airport?

This month, a unique vending machine appeared at Haneda Airport, filled with in-flight meals.

That’s right — now you don’t even have to step on a plane to get a taste of what the world’s airline passengers are having, because this machine is operated by Cosmo Company, which provides in-flight meals to big airline companies like Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Air New Zealand.

The machine is well worth travelling to Haneda Airport for, even if you aren’t booked on a flight, and that’s what a lot of people have been doing, because stock has been selling out regularly since it first made its debut on 3 June.

▼ There are five types of meals on offer, priced at 980 yen (US$7.28) each.

Located in the public entrance area on the first floor of Haneda Airport Terminal 2, this rare vending machine sells its meals frozen, so you can either take them straight home if you’re living in Japan, or pop them in your luggage and take them on the plane for heating after you arrive home, wherever your home may be.

▼ We purchased all five meals and took them home for a taste test, popping each one in the microwave on defrost for two minutes and then heating them at 500 Watts for five minutes.

Coq au vin

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