Even dirty diapers are tamed by the unrelenting chill of Clean Box.

As the sweltering summer hits Japan, a lot of unpleasant things come with it, from blisteringly dangerous heat to everyone’s least favorite houseguests, cockroaches. But one other awful side-effect of summer is that garbage really starts to stink, especially in Japan were many people eat fresh fish on an almost daily basis.

Here to remedy some of these problems is Nakanishi Kinzoku Kogyo and their product the Clean Box. By blending the technology of a standard kitchen freezer with the highly sophisticated design of a rubbish bin, Clean Box can store your refuse, especially the organic stuff, at -11 degrees Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit) thus arresting the production of bacteria known to raise a stink.

That temperature might seem like an arbitrary homage to Spinal Tap, but surprisingly the cutoff for diapers to smell horrible is said to be -10 degrees, so lowering it by one degree provides added diaper protection while conserving power and wear on equipment.

Nakanishi Kinzoku Kogyo got the idea back in 2017 when they read people discussing putting garbage in their kitchen freezers to eliminate smells online. That lifehack never really caught on because people weren’t crazy about putting dirty diapers next to their frozen peas, so the company decided that instead of putting garbage in freezers they could put a freezer inside a waste bin. A 2016 survey found that about one in five people have tried putting garbage in the fridge or freezer, and among them only about one and five continued to do so.

Clean Box’s development wasn’t without its challenges. Accommodations for air flow, coolant, and condensation needed to be made …continue reading