But is it worth it?

Although laws regarding cannabis use and sales have been gradually relaxing in some parts of the world, Japan has pretty much been maintaining its hardline stance against it. However, about a year ago, the government made certain allowances for cannabis-derived pharmaceutical products, and now we are beginning to see some fruits of that development.

One particularly fruity development is the release of CBDX, a drink that contains 20 milligrams of CBD oil in 250-milliliter (eight-ounce) cans for 500 yen (US$3.69) each. It recently showed up at vending machines operated by Cheerio, a soft drink maker known for its unusual creations like soda that looks like mayonnaise and carbonated choco-mint drinks.

The release made a buzz online with comments such as the following:

“We’re in an age where you can buy that stuff in vending machines.”
“I tried it! It had a fruity flavor reminiscent of a tropical island.”
“A small amount of CBD doesn’t work…”
“A Strong Zero is more cost-effective I think.”
“Whenever I look at these kinds of health drinks, I think if they were really effective, they’d be made into actual medicine rather than just health drinks.”
“You’d have to be a millionaire to buy 500-yen drinks from a vending machine in this economy.”
“Is it OK to drink that at work?”

That last comment poses an interesting question, so let’s find out by drinking some at work! Of course, CBDX is made with CBD oil that contains no THC in accordance with Japanese law, but the substance alone is said to have some health benefits such as pain and anxiety relief.

One credit that I’ll give CBDX right off the bat is that …continue reading