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We all love dinosaurs, and dinosaur-mania is in overdrive again thanks to the release of Jurassic World Dominion (July 29, 2022, in Japan), the final chapter in the saga that began with Jurassic Park. At least until the next reboot.

But did you know Japan is also big on dino-DNA? There are even a couple named after Fukui Prefecture—fukuiraptor and fukuisaurus. So what better way to celebrate the next film than by having a Jurassic jaunt through the country?

Drop down on the floor and everybody do the dinosaur. These are the best places to see dinos in Japan.

1. Dino Adventure Nagoya (Nagoya)

For very young dinosaur fans, there are plenty of places to have some dinosaur adventures in Aichi. Near Oudaka station, there is a popular spot called Kyouryu Hiroba where children can see the twin Tyrannosauruses Dai-chan and Kou-chan. If you can handle moving closer, you’ll see that both welcome little ones as both dinosaurs have built-in slides in their tails.

Older kids will probably want to head to Dino Adventure Nagoya. Visitors walk a course of about a kilometer where they can see 19 different types of dinosaurs. The trip’s highlight is a gigantic Tyrannosaurus, which has been reconstructed in its real proportions. Dinosaur detectives can download a course map filled with hints about the lifestyles of the dinosaurs and fill in the names of the dinosaurs as they discover them

〒459-8001 Aichi, Nagoya, Midori Ward, Odakacho, Bunneyama−1−1 – Map


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