In Japan, as in most countries in the world, writing a good resume is an essential requirement for all job seekers. But what is the correct way to write a resume in Japanese? What sections does the Japanese curriculum include? How to write an attractive form to be hired in a Japanese company?

Here we will explain what you need to know in order to write a good CV in Japanese.

Get a resume sample

Resume forms or rirekisho (履歴書(りれきしょ)) in Japan are easily found on the internet, both to download and print. You can also find them in convenience stores or in job offer magazines. They are brightly colored magazines with the letters “Town Work”. If you pick up one of these magazines and you do not know Japanese, you will probably put them back in their place, since they are totally in Japanese. But avoid doing that, because in the last pages there is usually one or two blank resumes. Therefore, you can get your first CVs without having to buy them and, at least, they can be used to practice. Try to get several models. Keep in mind that in Japan resumes are written by hand and are rarely scanned or emailed. Even though there may be small differences between CV models depending on the area of the country, or even depending on the positions you are applying for, most versions are accepted by all Japanese companies.

Writing a Flawless Japanese CV

First, do not get discouraged if you make a mistake, but if you do it is best to start over. It is not recommended that you try to correct a typo on your resume by crossing out the wrong words, download multiple copies of the sample resume instead.

Afterwards, a good photo is worth a thousand words. Realistically, when …continue reading