A rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-Internet-fame story.

Everyone probably remembers the incident earlier this year in which a single man was accidentally issued an amount of COVID-19 relief money equal to that intended for every citizen of Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture. After discovering the 46.3 million yen (US$345,000) in his bank account, Sho Taguchi very quickly began placing bets with almost all of it at an online casino, and then disappeared for a while.

While a lawyer skillfully managed to wrangle most of the money back to the town government, Taguchi was still on the hook for charges of fraudulent use of a computer and has been in jail ever since.

However, on 1 August he was released on bail and made a very memorable walk from the police station, during which he appeared to have done an impromptu Cousin It cosplay.

▼ Yes, a mighty wind was blowing on that day…the wind of change!

Taguchi later explained that while people in prison are given haircuts, such a luxury is not available in jail, so his locks got a little out of hand during his two-and-a-half months in lock-up.

Nevertheless, he was a free man for the time being and released a statement through his lawyer that said: “I am very sorry that I have caused trouble to many people with my actions. After I am released on bail, I will work and pay back the money I took, little by little.”

This just leaves the questions of how he could afford the bail and who is going to hire a suspected fraudster that made international headlines. The answer to both of those questions is: Hikaru.


— ヒカル【NextStage】 (@kinnpatuhikaru) July 31, 2022

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