Have you ever been to Japan? You may have noticed that several of the common gestures used by Japanese people are actually quite different from the ones used in your home country. Here is a picture guide of the most commonly used gestures in Japan, along with their meanings!

1. Me/ I

In Japan, this meaning is conveyed by putting your index finger to your nose. This is how people indicate themselves, or ask “Me?” Usually, people also say “Watashi?” (わたし) which means “Me?”

2. Come Here

To gesture for someone to come to you, put your hand up with your fingers down, and beckon for them to come! This can be done with one or both hands. Usually, Japanese people also say “kochi kitte!” (こっちきて)which means “come here” or “kitte, kitte” (きて!きて!)which means “Come! Come!”

3. Please

To make the gesture for “please”, put your hands together with your fingers up as if you are praying. This gesture is used when asking for something, or making a request. The Japanese for “please” is “onegai” (おねがい). It’s a very polite gesture!

4. Money

The word for money in Japanese is okane (おかね). The Japanese gesture for money is a circle made with the thumb and index finger, with the fingers out laying flat. The origins of this gesture aren’t commonly known, but it does look a bit like a coin and some bills!

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