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The gates are open, folks. And many of our friends and colleagues who have been on the sidelines these last few years are again enjoying some forward momentum, swinging open their own doors, offering up Japan’s regional saké and serving up prefectural eats.

And they’re welcoming tourists back to Japan and domestic help back to the game as well. So expect this upward swing to continue, flaneurs.

And, extra-special bonus: if you’ve been hedging on time to get into the hospitality world, now might be the best time to give it a whirl. So here are our featured gigs for this month—all of ’em in hospitality!

Trip puppet master needed for inbound sales and service

Do you love off-the-beaten-path travel and thrive in a hands-on, get-stuff-done environment? Business is picking up at Kyoto’s Oku, Japan, and they could use someone like you to help ensure each trip they plan for each customer comes off without a hitch.

From knowing the ins and outs of trip destinations to fielding information requests and managing customer expectations, your work as a destination specialist will have you acting as Oku Japan’s point person for unique destinations and tours all across Japan.

Aside from being a multi-tasker extraordinaire, to score well with this opportunity, you’ll need to also be fluent in English (Spanish or Italian skills would be great). You must have permission to work in Japan and have solid sales and marketing chops.

Domestic or international travel might also be required, but I’m guessing that for you, that’s just the icing on the cake. If your idea of a good solid day at work is one without a lot of sitting still, this is …continue reading