The Olympic Organizing Committee is considering what kind of punishment he’ll receive, on top of any legal repercussions.

Though the Olympics are best known as an opportunity for the best athletes in the world to prove their skills in their respective sports, it’s often also a chance for them to socialize with people from all over the world–and in some cases get up to mischief.

Though the severe restrictions on movement kept most of the participants out of trouble this time around, it unfortunately didn’t stop one Georgian athlete from allegedly attacking a security guard during a quarantine drinking party with his fellow Georgian athletes.

Reports indicate that Paralympic Judo athlete Zviad Gogotchuri (34) attacked the 63-year-old security guard on the evening of August 12, seemingly without warning in the hallways of the Ota Ward hotel in which he was quarantining. Apparently, the guard was on his way to give Gogotchuri and his fellow athletes a warning for being too loud when Gogotchuri suddenly attacked him.

He allegedly tried to hit the guard with a flying kick, then, when he missed, tackled the guard to the ground and proceeded to strangle him. The guard, who suffered a broken rib, told investigators, “The male athlete emerged from his room and started to come at me without saying a word.”

Gogotchuri, who had been drinking at the time of the incident, has since been arrested and charged with assault, and according to investigators, he has admitted to his crime, saying, “I can make no excuses.” The particulars of the incident are still under investigation at this time, and the International Paralympic Committee is working closely with authorities to determine how to proceed.

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Mosh pit turns into a pond but that doesn’t stop the singing and dancing.

When you feel intense passion for a band or idol group, chances are you’ll brave even the most extreme weather conditions to see them perform, and that’s what happened in Yamanashi Prefecture on the weekend, when heavy rain couldn’t stop fans from attending the two-day “Konya Wa Anata No Fujisan Fesu ~ Obon SP !! ~”(“Tonight Is Your Mt Fuji Festival ~ Obon SP!! ~“) event.

Not to be confused with the annual Fuji Rock Festival, which features rock bands from overseas, the “Tonight Is Your Mt Fuji Festival”, colloquially shortened to “Konya Fes“, is a celebration of idol groups, and this one was a special performance to coincide with Japan’s obon holiday period.

The festival was scheduled to go ahead rain or shine, but the weather this past weekend turned out to be unseasonably cold and wet, with heavy rain and flood warnings throughout most of the country. Still, there was no dampening the enthusiasm from performers and fans, who shone with joy at the Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara Outdoor Stage.

今日は晴れなかったね… #富士山フェス

? (@ria_is_no1) August 15, 2021

Those with a keen eye might’ve noticed something odd about the clip above, as the ground in front of the stage had filled with water, creating a pond-like mosh pit.


— 岩ちゃん??‍♂️?❇??? (@genuine_iwachan) August 15, 2021

Still, as the old adage goes, the show must go on, and go on it did, with the official photographer for the event wading through the water to get those all-important shots.


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Hair that looks like molded plastic is just itching for a return.

They say fashion trends are cyclical, which is why I invested all my money in poulaines. Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma, however, is placing his bet on the iper regent hairstyle. This is the ‘do seen in classic ’80s bad boy tales such as Be-Bop High School.

The name “iper” is short for “iron perm” which refers to the extreme straightening of the hair with an iron until it resembles something you might find on a G.I. Joe or Ken doll. “Regent” is a general style often referred to as a “pompadour” in English in which the front hair is brushed back in a sweeping curve that bulges out.

In order to get ahead of this wave, Masanuki headed over to Hair Studio Guys in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture. This salon specializes in Showa Era hairstyles such as regents and punch perms.

The owner Suzuki is especially skilled in ’80s hairstyles.

Last November he even performed an iper on Mitsuhiro Shirai, the actor who played Teru in Be-Bop High School, for the first time in 35 years.

▼ A montage of Teru scenes done in a parody of a famous Japanese children’s program

The epitome of the iper regent is the classical back, in which the pompadour front takes an extremely sharp curve back into a flat top resembling a triangle. Suzuki is a highly regarded artist in the classical back style too, but Masanuki wasn’t prepared to get that deep into the culture.

In fact, he was worried that such a traditionally anti-social hairstyle might hinder his investigative reporting in the hinterlands of Japan, so he requested a temporary one-day iper …continue reading