One person’s defect is another person’s treasure.

There are a lot of special plushies to be found online and in-store at Pokémon Centres and Pokémon Stores in Japan, but one has just been bumped up to super rare status, after the company issued an apology for an error in its manufacturing.

The mistake appeared on the “Stuffed Pokémon Fit Coil” (“Coil” is the Japanese name for Magnemite), that was on sale from 15 July 2020 to 15 January 2021.

The plushie being recalled was manufactured by Takara Tomy Arts and sold at Pokémon Centres, Pokémon Stores, and the online Pokémon Center and online Amazon Pokémon Store, where it looked like this:

▼ Notice anything odd about Magnemite?

Fans of the franchise will know the magnet on the left of Magnemite’s body (circled in red above) should not be red on top and blue on the bottom. As the Pokémon Centre and Store rightly point out, the magnet on this side should actually be blue on the top and red on the bottom, as shown in the image below.

▼ The correct Magnemite

The faulty Magnemite can be exchanged for the correct version in person at stores or online at the Pokémon Customer Support Center. Not everyone is wanting to give their Magnemite up, however, with people saying:

“No way I’m returning this. It’s rare now!”
“Do they really think people will return it? Faulty official merchandise like this is hard to come by!”
“It might be an ‘error coil’ but that makes me love it even more.”
“I can’t bring myself to part with it so I just bought another one!”
“It’s not defective to me–its imperfection is what makes it so special!”

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You don’t have to be super crazy to serve on the city council, but it helps.

On 31 January, the political landscape of Toda, Saitama Prefecture was rocked by the electoral victory of 34-year-old musician Super Crazy Kun to city council. After campaigning hard with street dance parties and a strong social media presence, this aspiring politician found a novel way of tapping into young non-voters to secure his victory.

“Child Power: School teachers and cram school teachers, grandpas and grandmas, and all kinds of acquaintances [of kids] are being brought to the polls and are voting for Super Crazy Kun. It’s something that can only be done by Super Crazy Kun because he really cares about children.”

子供大事にしてるスーパークレイジー君だからこそ出来る事だなぁ 。

— m_a_ami (@maami26444739) January 29, 2021

Although he had a platform of anti-animal cruelty, child welfare, and 24-hour adult entertainment that almost anyone could get behind, it was his general look and demeanor that presented him as a political breath of fresh air.

He mostly kept his extensive tattoos under cover, but candidate Super Crazy Kun’s trademark look mainly consisted of brightly dyed brown hair and a special attack uniform; a long trench coat once worn by Japanese soldiers on suicide missions in World War II, but have since become common attire of young bikers known as bosozoku.

▼ This performance was a part of his run for Tokyo Governor last year.

Half anti-establishment symbolism and half representation of his troubled youth in a juvenile correctional facility for five years, these features that would normally sink a lesser candidate’s campaign became distinct advantages in the capable hands of Super Crazy Kun.

However, on 8 February, the new Toda city council convened for the first time and reporters were anxious to see what kind of entrance Super …continue reading


Google は多様性・公平性・包括性を重んじる企業理念のもと、誰もが平等に活躍できる社会の実現を希求しています。
2020 年 WEF が発表した「ジェンダー・ギャップ指数 2020」では、日本は世界 153 カ国中 121 位に位置しています。データが示す通り、男女格差の問題はいまだ解決には遠く、わたしたちも日本社会における女性活躍の支援に積極的に取り組んでまいりました。
2014 年には、 テクノロジーを活用したより柔軟な働き方で女性の社会進出を支援していくプロジェクトとして「Women Will」を日本で立ち上げました。年齢や性別に関わらず誰もが活躍できる環境をつくるためには、個人の意識、組織、社会の仕組み等、多角的な変革が必要という考えのもと、Women Will はこれまでに 1000 以上のサポーター企業・団体と一緒に、組織と個人が実践できる働き方改革のための施策を考え、実証研究をしてまいりました。
そして昨年 10 月には、よりインクルーシブな組織を作り、女性のリーダーシップを促進するためのマネジメント層及びリーダーを目指す個人双方に向けてのトレーニングプログラム「
このたび Google は、国際女性デーである 3 月 8 日より新たな取り組み「Women Will ダイバーシティ&インクルージョン推進プログラム」の公開、提供を開始いたします。本プログラムは Google がこれまで培ってきた知見をもとに、企業や組織における無意識の偏見の排除、よりインクルーシブな企業文化の推進等、誰もが平等に活躍できる環境、社会をつくることを目的に作成したもので、 2022 年 3 月までに 10 万人の方へこのプログラムを提供することを目指します。
また、本取り組みに賛同し、一緒に活動いただける方(個人・企業問わず)を募集します。ご登録いただいた方には、プログラムをご自身が所属する企業・組織・コミュニティを対象に実践するための必要な資料とサポートを提供いたします。プログラムの詳細については、 3 月 8 日にオンライン配信を行いますので、こちらからご登録ください。
ダイバーシティ・インクルージョンへの意識関心がかつてなく高まっている今、Google は、年代や性別を問わず一人一人が個人として認められる社会をみなさんと一緒につくれるよう、私たちができることをこれまで以上に探り、引き続き活動を続けてまいります。

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Source: Gaijin Pot

If you’re looking to work in Japan, check back here each week as we look through our database of top jobs in Japan posted to GaijinPot and showcase some of the most interesting ones. You can apply directly to these companies by creating a profile on GaijinPot Jobs!

Chino Tabi

Lodging Manager

  • Company: Chino Tabi
  • Salary: ¥190,851 / Month ・Bonus (twice a year/ depend on company profit) ・Rent-free living quarters (3DK) in a designated city-run apartment building are provided ・Commuting expenses are partly covered
  • Location: Nagano, Japan
  • English: Business level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

In this position your main duty will be to manage private lodging facilities in Nagano, the Yamaura Stay farmhouses.

As a lodging manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the accommodations. You will be in charge of planning and coordinating the hotel services, ensuring that operations run smoothly, managing the staff, organizing promotional campaigns with the marketing team, and coming up with new ideas to increase the guests’ satisfaction and improve the overall stay experience.

You must have a valid working visa for Japan and be willing to relocate to Chino City in Nagano.

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Full-time EN-JP Writer/Editor

  • Company: Shian
  • Salary: ¥3.0M / Year Negotiable
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business level
  • Application: Must currently reside in Japan

Shian, an internationally recognized content producer of annual reports, company brochures and other corporate communication material, is looking for a native English editor/writer with conversational level and good reading Japanese skills.

You must have at least JLPT N2 or N3 certification and currently reside in Japan.

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A sweet sign of spring.

The winter chill is finally starting to fade, but we’ve still got a bit of a wait until we start seeing sakura blooming on Japan’s cherry trees. However, you can get an early start on cherry blossom season by enjoying Japan’s favorite flower in a different, and edible, form right now.

Japanese confectioner Eiwa’s Sakurairo Marshmallows are as soft and sweet as you’d expect, but instead of the squat cylinder the candies usually come in, each marshmallow is shaped like a cherry blossom petal, with the flower’s distinctive cleft serving as a charming accent. Made with sakura extract, each bag contains two flavors, the pink sakura marshmallows, and the white sakura latte marshmallows.

Since they’re marshmallows, there’s nothing stopping you from just grabbing a fistful and tossing them into your mouth, except maybe embarrassment at your own gluttony (this isn’t a problem for us, since we made peace with our gluttony long ago). However, the really cool way to enjoy Sakurairo Marshmallow is to use them as delicious and artistic enhancements for other desserts, like these cupcakes which look so beautiful we’d like to spread out a blanket and have a hanami cherry blossom-viewing party while gazing at them.

You don’t even have to get particularly fancy with the rest of the dessert. For example, if you can make a short stack of pancakes, slice a few strawberries, and squirt some whipped cream out of a can, you could make this cafe-quality creation.

And of course, sakura …continue reading


This ready-made, microwavable ramen comes close to something you can get in a restaurant!

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know that convenience store food is actually pretty good. In fact, here at SoraNews24, we regularly hold taste rallies to find out which one makes the best of each kind of food. For example, we recently learned, after extensive taste testing, that 7-Eleven’s curry bread is the best.

7-Eleven, to their credit, makes a point of improving the recipes of their food fairly regularly, which might be why they seem to maintain a high level of quality for all of their prepackaged and fresh meals. In fact, they’ve just revitalized their ready-made microwave pork ramen. Being ramen aficionados, among many things, meant that we had to try it, and man…it’s really good.

The Third-Generation Pork Ramen, which is inspired by the recipes of the Chiba-based ramen shop Chuka Soba Tomita, is actually, as you might guess from its name, the third iteration of 7-Eleven’s pork ramen. As avid ramen fans and lovers of conbini food, we remember well the first two versions. The original had noodles with a consistency that was a bit too much like udon to satisfy our ramen cravings. The second iteration was like a combination of Chinese-style noodles and udon, and was a bit better in terms of texture, but still not quite up to par.

The third version, however, is much more to our liking! The noodles in Pork Ramen 3.0 are closer to proper ramen noodles. According to 7-Eleven, they’ve increased the quantity of high gluten flour in the recipe, making them much firmer …continue reading


One of the world’s most prominent artists, Banksy, continues to send a strong message with graffiti art and street art with a sophisticated social satire. At this exhibition, more than 70 original works, prints, and three-dimensional objects will be gathered in Yokohama at the largest scale ever. Many people in Japan are familiar with the message of “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”, a message of hope, “GIRL WITH BALLOON”, and the “RAT” series, in which socially vulnerable people are piled up in a rat. Valuable original works appear mainly on owned works. In addition to graffiti, you can immerse yourself in the world of Banksy at this exhibition with a collection of salivation that can only be seen here. Who is Banksy? Please experience the world of Banksy Art.

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Ramen-loving researcher mixes business with pleasure.

Among types of ramen, one of the most popular is the variety with pork bone broth known as “tonkotsu.” Although not the healthiest of the bunch, it certainly packs a punch in the flavor department.

But it was the brilliant mind of researcher and self-proclaimed ramen-lover Yurina Sekine with the Japan Atomic Energy Agency who thought that tonkotsu ramen was so delicious, you could even clean up radioactive spills with it. So she borrowed some bones from her local ramen restaurant and started experimenting.

It was already established knowledge that pigs bones, as well as cow bones, are particularly good at absorbing radioactive substances. However, no one had really put this knowledge to use until now.

Sekine first thoroughly boiled the bones to remove all the fat and collagen. Then, she soaked them in a solution of baking soda. The end result is something like a loofah with high amounts of carbonic acid that draws in radioactive strontium found in nuclear waste and the heavy metals cadmium and lead.

News report showing Sekine and her amazing pile of bones

These pig-bone loofahs can be easily placed into contaminated water or soil, such as that around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, and help speed up the purifying process by rapidly soaking up some of the most harmful elements found in nuclear waste.

If all that wasn’t good enough, this method of decontamination also helps reduce food waste. It’s said that the food industry worldwide generates about 7.5 billion tons of bone waste per year. This also comes at a cost to businesses like ramen shops who spend between 500,000 and 1 million yen (US$4,500 and $9,500) each in a single year to dispose of their bones.

The combination of delicious ramen and scientific discovery naturally got many readers excited and …continue reading


Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gray, good friends who argue.

I was reading through Noragami recently and there was a comment from one character, Ebisu, about the friendship of the main characters, Yato and Yukine. Ebisu noted that the two were trying to sell each other out at the sight of his money in their 1st meeting. While the relationship isn’t that of a typical god and his Shinki, Ebisu found that the two’s connection felt like a real friendship.

I also remember scenes in Gintama where all the Yorozuya yell at each other constantly. Other characters have noted that they wished they had friends like the Yorozuya in their lives. There’s many scenes like this in anime/manga where characters would comment on the main characters’ honest relationships with closest supporting characters they were closest to.

Sometimes, we can’t count on immediate family to talk about our inner-most feelings. Family members are often stressed and/or dealing with their own trauma. I find those moments where characters with troubled pasts express some commentary on those with brutally honest friendships endearing. What’s beautiful about those kinds of relationships are that each party stands as equal and worthy of respect. They also allow each other to say their piece even if they disagree.

Right now, I see most relationships today are treated as hierarchal and/or transactional. There’s little room for intimacy to come out. Maybe that’s a big reason why I see so many youth resort to suicide as the years have gone by. No one listens to them. No one allows them to express themselves in an honest manner. Youth don’t seem to be allowed to have some kind of agency.

I think about my relationship with my family. I get into arguments with my parents from time to time even thought we’re close. They do get really tense, but we …continue reading