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J A P A N   D I R E C T O R Y
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Australian Property

Australian Residential Properties for sale. Some of the best projects on the market, plus help on bank finance and how to buy off-the-plan units and homes with only a 1% deposit.From A$320,000.

Branding Asia dot Com

Branding Asia dot com features articles relating to branding and brand management as well as on providing brand strategy, research and management services to organizations operating in Asia-Pacific markets.

Daily J

The Daily J: closing the information gap between Japan and the rest of the world, in order to profit from equity trades and investments that include Japanese ordinary shares, ADRs, ETFs, mutual funds and benchmarks such as the Nikkei 225 Stock Average and TOPIX.

Expat Planner Ltd

Financial planning services and products for Americans living in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Foreign Investment in Japan Development Corporation

Whether foreign companies are making their initial entry into Japan or already have a market presence, FIND, which charges reasonable fees for its services, has the resources needed to be a reliable partner in all of its clients' endeavors.

Forex Directory

A currency resource for the pro FX trader, corporate, institutional and beginner. Includes quotes, cross rates, charts, news, research, yen cross rates and cross charts, etc.

Forex Signals and Forecasts

Daily forex Signals based on our state of the art genetic model will help you WIN in the Forex Market

Futures7 Japanese Yen Currency Weekly Trading System

Incredibly robust long-term mechanical trading system designed to trend follow the Japanese Yen.


Investing portal site for English-speaking individual investors of Japan stocks. Features message boards, stock quotes, news, and other resources.

Investments - Offshore Library

Offshore library provides information and support relating to offshore banking, discount savings and discount investments. (Membership required)

Japan Business Consulting Corporation

Japan Business Consulting: Helping investors from around the world buy into Japan

Japan Door (J-Door)

J-Door is a new Internet destination where expert advice, information, and services are just a click away. With links to information and a network of experts, J-Door provides timely assistance to companies seeking partners, advisers, and investors inside and outside Japan.

Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)

researches overseas direct investment activities by Japanese companies.

Japan Market Entry Competition

JMEC, is an international training program and competition between teams of English-speaking, Japan-based individuals, to develop the best business plan for an actual company or organization seeking to enter or reposition a product or service in the Japanese market.

Japan Rating and Investment Information, Inc (R&I)

Japan Rating and Investment Information, Inc (R&I) serves its customers with credit ratings, investment evaluation, and information services. The mainline ratings business naturally centers on debt, but also covers country risk and pension fund performance.

Japan Investor offers a weekly market letter on investment strategy for the Japanese stock market.

JML Portfolio Management

JML Swiss investment management specialists provide the skills to manage global portfolios through strategic planning. Asset protection, investment advice, offshore banking and investment.

Magellan Tresidder Tuohy

The aim of the Magellan Tresidder Tuohy website is to help international private and corporate investors find out about - and participate in - some of the most creative, well managed and risk controlled investment opportunities available anywhere.

STAR Financial Management (Japan)

STAR Financial Management offers a range of bespoke investment planning solutions, including a unique Portfolio Management Service with full and continual investment monitoring. See the website for full details.

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