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Eisai Co., Ltd.

Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health Care Products, Veterinary and Livestock Feed Products, Chemicals and Food Additives, and Pharmaceuticals Production Systems and Equipment.

Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL)

In consideration of the important roles which Japan should play, ETL takes it as its mission to contribute to the development of electronics and related technologies in close cooperation with other organizations, including industries, universities and governmental institutions.

Information Center of Particle Technology, Japan

Particle technology is attracting a great deal of attention as a basic technology which supports and stimulates many other realms of advancement.

Inter Medical Co.

Produces measuring devices for research in fields including biology, biophysics, pharmacology, and physiology; also makes clinical equipment.

International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC).

In May 1991, UNEP's Governing Council took a decision to further strengthen UNEP's role in sustainable urban and freshwater basin management by calling for the creation of an International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC).

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) was founded in 1971 in conformity with the law of JAMSTEC through the cooperative efforts of governmental, academia and the private sector. The Center was established to contribute to promote overall development and utilization of marine resources, and today plays a highly important role in those activities.

Kao Corporation.

Presently, Kao is one of the leading marketing manufacturers of daily use household products that all contribute to consumers' lives by promoting "cleanliness," "health" and "beauty."

Nitto Denko

Niche products in electronics, energy and ecology.

Tsumura & Co.

Continuing a century-long tradition of market and scientific leadership in the Kampo field.

University of Arizona Japan Computer Science Project

Dedicated to increasing the visibility and availability of Japanese science and technology information related to computing and computer science.