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ASAHI Net is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Japan. We offer broadband fiber-optic, ADSL and mobile (including WiMAX) services as well as many optional services including Internet TV. We also offer support in English on our dedicated 03-3569-3522 phone line.

BBapply (Yahoo! BB)

BBapply is an English application website for Yahoo! BB and BBPhone Broadband services. It also maintains a support forum for English speaking users of Yahoo's BB services.

Forefront Technologies

Forefront Technologies is a Tokyo-based company and Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider Partner offering a full range of Information Technology (IT) services and products in four key fields: Technical Services, Specialist IT Services, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services, and Certification Testing Services.


Providing dial-up Internet access, leased-lines, and corporate WWW space for all of Japan.

Global Online Japan

GOL is a fully bilingual internet service provider based in Tokyo with access throughout Japan.

Hardfocus Media - Web Hosting

Economical Network Services in Japan since 1999. Servers set up properly for rendering of Japanese. Services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Domain Name Registration, DNS forwarding, Secure Transaction Processing (SSL), Content Management Systems (CMS) including Blogs, Shopping Carts, Software Development/Testing Environments. Partner, Affiliate & Reseller Programmes available. Support in English & Japanese.


Internet Service Providers in Japan; ISDN, ADSL, FTTH & CATV Cable -- also VoIP Internet Phone

Japan Network Information Center Webserver

JPNIC is a collaborative organization concerned with the growth and use of the net.

Katch Net

Cable internet service provider located in Aichi Prefecture (in Japanese).

Multi Media Japan

Multi Media Japan is a worldwide web hosting service, used exclusively by AsahiNet members.


With revenues of 40 billion yen Nifty-Serve is a significant internet service provider in Japan.

Pacific Software Publishing

Services to include web server space rental and managed server hosting.


Sunnynet is an internet service provider located on the island of Okinawa. Aside from ISP services the company also offers a range of other services including web design, domain hosting and other services.

Tokyo Internet Corp.

A PSI-Net company, Tokyo Internet Corporation is an internet service provider with outlets throughout Japan.


Part of the PSI-Net group, Twics is a bilingual internet service provider based in Tokyo.

Web Hosting In Japan

Customers in Japan expect a higher level of customer service from a web hosting service. And extensive how-to section demonstates how to manage your web site.


WIDE administers the first major Internet backbone system in Japan.

Yahoo BB Guide

Yahoo BB ADSL Guide in English