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Architectural Institute of Japan

AIJ is an academic association with about 38,000 members. It is neither a governmental organ nor an organization for engineers to promote their professional interests. The main purpose of the Institute is to cultivate its members' abilities and to heighten architectural quality in Japan. As the sole integrated institute in the field of architecture.

Assocation of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS)

The Assocation of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS) is an international association of professionals actively pursuing the exchange of information and ideas concerning the Japanese business system and its economic, social and cultural environment. Members include academic scholars doing research and teaching related to Japan, government and business researchers, and business executives.

Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce

The Belgium-Japan Association and Chamber of Commerce (BJA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes business and cultural relations between Belgium, Europe and Japan. It pursues the following objectives: Promoting Belgian export and investment in Japan Encouraging Japanese investment in Belgium Promoting free trade and fair competition The BJA offers a unique combination of business and cultural events to its 400 Belgian, European and Japanese members. Join our events and enter our network of top businessmen and women. The BJA was founded in 1991, and was born from the merger of two formerly independent organisations, the "Association Belgo-japonaise" (1963) and the "Belgian-Japanese Trade Federation" or BEJAT (1987).

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ)

Non-profit organization dedicated to the development of commerce between Canada and Japan.

Center of International Cooperation for Computerization, Japan (CICC)

CICC was established in June 1983 to cooperate and assist developing countries in the introduction of computers and information technology, and to promote computerization thereby for their economic and social development.

CODE-J: Content Developers of Japan

A non-profit organization where content developers in Japan can exchange ideas, and network on both professional and social levels.

Communication Industry Association of Japan (CIAJ)

CIAJ is committed to promoting the healthy development of manufacturing of telecommunications equipment and related business activities through the cooperative efforts of its members as thus improve standards of living and quality of life both domestically and overseas.

Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM)

Supporting the rapid expansion of electronic commerce (EC), governmental promotion of electronic government projects, and other factors are accelerating Japan's digital revolution.

Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo (EA-Tokyo)

The Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo was founded to encourage, promote and support entrepreneurship in Japan. The association holds monthly seminars that create an 'Entrepreneurial Environment' in which members can learn from Japan's top entrepreneurs, network with like-minded individuals and develop their own business pursuits in an international setting.

Internet Society

Non-governmental, international, professional membership organization focuses on: standards, education, and policy issues.

Japan Association of Corporate Executives (KEIZAI DOYUKAI)

KEIZAI DOYUKAI is a business forum where leading executives develop and propose economic and social initiatives for Japan at home and abroad. KEIZAI DOYUKAI membership comprises approximately 1,500 top executives of some 900 large corporations, all sharing the common belief that corporate managers should be key players in a broad range of political, economic, and social issues.

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shokokaigisho)

CIN provides significant information related to business through local Chambers of Commerce in Japan.

Japan Direct Marketing Association

The association was founded in October 1983, to promote fair trading and a code of commercial ethics within the direct marketing industry, and to act as the central body to coordinate self-regulations within the industry.

Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)

Established in recognition of the urgent need to promote better communications. It is entrusted with carrying out collective, unified activities to promote understanding abroad of the actual state of Japan's economy, industry and trade in machine goods, and to explain Japanese trade policies.

Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (KEIDANREN)

Established on August 16, 1946 as a nationwide business association. Its membership includes 1,009 of Japan's leading corporations (including 63 foreign firms), as well as 119 industry-wide groups representing such major sectors as manufacturing, trade, distribution, finance, and energy. The purpose of Keidanren is to work for a resolution of the major problems facing the business community in Japan and abroad, and to contribute to sound development of the Japanese and world economies.

Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO)

Founded in 1969 as a non-profit organizartion anthorized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Its purpose is to promote industrial design in both consumer goods and capital goods, and thus contribute to create a better quality of life of the people.

Japan Industrial Designers' Association (JIDA)

An organization of professional industrial designers active throughout Japan and abroad. Since its establishment in 1969, JIDA has continuously aimed to promote the enhancement of industrial design and to contribute to the betterment of cultural life through industrial design.

Japan Pharmaceutical Association

Promotion of Appropriate Separation of Dispensing and Prescribing Drugs (the Bungyo) and Improvement of the Quality of these Separated Services.

Japan Society of Civil Engineers

The Japan Society of Civil Engineers, positioned as the core of the field of civil engineering, has been the most prestigious academic association with long history, consisting of more than 35,000 members at present from all domains related to civil engineering including scholars, officials and engineers of private companies.

Keizai Society

The Keizai Society is an organization of executives and professionals with an interest in the US-Japan business relationship.

National Association of Labor Banks

The National Association of Labor Banks is a Japanese united financial organization that is managed by, comprised of and utilized for workers' groups.

New Media Development Association (NMDA)

To promote the development and spread of New Media and to contribute to the realization of the advanced information society.

Softopia Japan

Gifu Prefecture. Center for multimedia technology development includes incubation facilities. List of companies. is a non-profit organisation researching and publishing information about all aspects of Hemp in Japan.

The Japan Institute of Architects(JIA)

Japan's only professional organization of architects. Its principal role is to define and promote the social and legal status of professional architects.

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1897 to "advance science and technology, and thereby contribute to the development of industries." Today, its membership exceeds 47,000, making it the nation's leading engineering society.

Young Entrepreneurs Organization

As a global, non-profit educational organization for young entrepreneurs, the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO) strives to help its members build upon their successes through an array of educational and networking opportunities. With more than 3,500 members in chapters around the world, YEO provides its members access to a dynamic network of peers on an international level.