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J A P A N   D I R E C T O R Y
Home > Education > Colleges and Schools

Apple House International Preschool

Apple House International Preschool is an English based school which has programs designed for both Japanese and international students. We have bilingual staff and native English speaking teachers. Our goal is to create a fun and comfortable environment for all our students. Apple House programs are based on the Creative Curriculum which was designed in the United States for toddlers to kindergarten students. Using this program we are able to keep consistency with the training of our staff and the methods they use to teach our students. The Creative Curriculum philosophy is that children should be allowed to grow at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves as learners

Happy Days International Preschool and Kindergarten

Happy Days International Preschool and Kindergarten is situated in the heart of Tokyo and caters to international families living in Japan. Children are aged from 18 months through to 5 years old and leave our kindergarten fully prepared to start full time school. Our curriculum is based upon the British Foundation Stage and the Primary Years Program and focuses on educating the 'whole' child.

Happy Days International Preschool and Kindergarten

A new International Preschool and Kindergarten near Ebisu Garden Place in Ebisu. provides daycare facilities for children of 18 months old and upwards between the hours of 8.30am to 7pm. For children aged 2 and a half to 5, Happy Days provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum to prepare children for full time school. The school hours are between 8.30am to 2.30pm with daycare facilities available after 2.30pm. For further details or to make an appointment with one of our staff members please send us an e-mail or you can call us on (81) 3 3446 1540.

How to Teach English in Japan

Get the scoop on how to get a great teaching position in Japan.

India International School in Japan

A new International School is opening this year at Tokyo, providing quality English Education at affordable cost.

Keiki Intercultural Preschool

The main objective of KEIKI is to provide a positive environment where children learn, love, and grow. To nurture the progress of each individual child, we divide the developmental growth into three parts; socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Preschool Program (3 to 4 years old) Pre-Kindergarten Program (4 to 5 years old) Kindergarten Program (5 to 6 years old) Toddlers' Half-day Program Summer Camp Program (June to August) KEIKI is located in a new building in a residential area of Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. It is a bright, two-story house setting, with large airy spaces downstairs overlooking a sunny private garden. There are four classrooms upstairs including an up-to-date, fully- equipped computer room.

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