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Aichi Shukutoku University

Aichi Shukutoku University is located in the suburbs of Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan.

Edogawa University

Education & Development Open Network System; uuniversity, junior college; admission, public lectures (in Japanese and English)

Ehime University

Official homepage for the prefectural university of Ehime

GLOCOM International University

We at GLOCOM engage in research, construct policy proposals, and disperse knowledge using the latest information technology.

Hiroshima City University

An international university which contributes to world peace and to the prosperity of the community through education and research in science and art.

International University of Japan

At the International University of Japan, our culturally diverse campus, coupled with our location and our insight of Asia, will enrich your educational experience.

Keio University

Keio University is a private Japanese university that offers a range of courses, some of which are presented in English. This site includes information on the school and its faculties.

Kochi University

Kochi University hosts an international exchange program with the University of Queensland (Australia) and California State University, Fresno (USA) . In addition to hosting a large number of foreign postgraduate students and researchers, the number of foreign students enrolling in undergraduating courses in Kochi University has also increased in recent years.

Koga Kuin University, Tokyo

The main building of the Shinjuku campus is a 29 story, high-tech structure equipped with the latest computer and communication facilities. It is also conveniently located within five minutes waking distance from Shinjuku Station, one of the largest railway hubs of Tokyo.

Kogakuin University

Kogakuin University is a well-established Japanese technical school offering various engineering programs to its students.

Kokushikan University

Kokushikan University is an educational facility in Tokyo offering a wide range of course programs to both Japanese and foreign students. (Japanese Only)

Kumamoto University, Japan

Today, the University has a teaching staff of about 970, and a full-time student body of about 9,000 undergraduates and 500 graduate students.

Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Okayama Prefecture

The Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts is a private University that was established in April 1995 by Kake Educational Institution with the support of Kurashiki City and Okayama Prefecture.

Kyoto University

Located in one of the cultural centers of Japan, Kyoto University offers a variety of programs for both Japanese and international students.

Okayama University

Located in western Japan, Okayama University provides online information concerning the school, its faculties and campuses, as well as information pertaining to international student exchanges.

Saga University

Located on the island of Kyushi in southwestern Japan, Saga University has courses in economics, sciences & engineering, agriculture and cutlural studies.

Seikei University

Seikei University is a private co-ed university forming part of the Seikei Gakuen family of schools (from elementary to university facilities).

Shikoku Gakuin University

Christian school with arts and humanities, social sciences; junior college, and Master's program in social welfare. Located in Zentsuji, Kagawa.

Temple University Japan

Tokyo campus of an American university offering English languageacademic preparation, undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of fields including Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Law,and community-oriented general education in a number of areas.

Tottori University

Official homepage of Tottori prefectural university.

University of Aizu

Located in Fukushima in central Japan, the University of Aizu offers courses in computer sciences, engineering and social sciences.