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Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC)

The Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC) is a non-profit foundation created under the full support and direction of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Coming into being in September 1975, the organization's primary objective is to perform a "pipeline" function between the government and the private sector in the efforts to make truly worthwhile contributions to the development of the recipient countries in the area of Japan's international cooperation.

Chambers Information Network

Information and links to Chambers of Commerce throughout Japan, provided by Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI)

JAERI is a governmental organization whose role has been to introduce and establish nuclear-related technologies in Japana, since the country started its atomic energy development program. The organization is looking for innovative nuclear technology for future nuclear energy development.

Japan Business Association

Japan Business Association has started with an intention to assist, develop & share information relating to Japanese TRADE & COMMERCE, EDUCATION, and KNOWLEDGE BASED INFORMATION of Japan with other nations. We have already taken the initiative and have established JAPAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION office outside Japan in India at Kolkata (Formerly Calcutta). We are looking forward to open a JAPAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION office in New Delhi shortly, the capital city of India. We keep strong intention to open offices in other countries in recent future. Japan Business Association will play a key agent of change thereby promoting and creating opportunity and bridge between Japanese and International companies of every magnitude whether big or small to share and increase gains in a free International Trade & Economy.

Japan Center for Economic Research

JCER, one of Japan's foremost research institutes, has been compiling long- and short-term economic forecasts for more than 30 years. Its Web site includes a wide range of research reports in addition to information about JCER publications, training programs and other activities.

Japan Consumer Information Center (JCIC)

The JCIC is a non-profit organization estabished by the Japanese Government in 1970 with services covering consumer education programs, publications, complaints handling, consumer alerts, product testing, training programs and so on.

Japan International Training Cooperation Organization

Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO) was established in September, 1991.

Japan Local Government Center

JLGC is involved in a variety of activities, ranging from conducting research and organizing international study programs to sponsoring seminars and participating in internships. The overriding goal of all of these projects is the same: to foster cooperation and understanding between local governments in Japan and their equivalents in the United States and Canada.

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) was founded in 1971 in conformity with the law of JAMSTEC through the cooperative efforts of governmental, academia and the private sector. The Center was established to contribute to promote overall development and utilization of marine resources, and today plays a highly important role in those activities.

Japan Scholarship Foundation

Its purpose is to build up manpower resources capable of serving the country and the society and to help providing equal opportunities of education to all by offering scholarships to qualified students who are unable to pursue their education only because of pecuniary reasons.

National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL)

The National Aerospace Laboratory is a Japanese governmental organization responsible for the research and development of various aeronautic equipment, such as the STOL research aircraft, the ASUKA, and the H-2 rocket.

National Institute of Environmental Studies

NIES is the sole national institute for comprehensive research in the environmental sciences.

National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)

NIHS is responsible for conducting basic research to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of a wide range of products that directly and indirectly affect the populace.

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

NEDO was established in 1980, immediately after the second oil crisis, as a semi-governmental organization under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in fields related to technological development in Japan.

Science Council of Japan

The Science Council of Japan (1) conducts deliberations on important matters concerning science, and makes efforts to implement any decisions reached ; and (2) coordinates scientific research, as a means of enhancing the efficiency of research efforts.

The Japan Foundation

Established in 1972 as a special legal entity under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and friendship on the international scene.

Virtual Foundation Japan

Presents political and Socioeconomic ideas.

Volunteer Post-Internet

An information service offered by Japan's Post Office, which allows people to deposit money in a post office account knowing that the interest will go to agencies concerned with aid in undeveloped countries.