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Action Japan

This site is dedicated to promoting trade between UK companies and Japan and to helping UK companies win business in Japan. Useful information on this site includes steps to set up in Japan.

Austria Japan Technology Forum

promoting technology cooperation between Austria and Japan

Delegation of the European Commission in Japan

The aim of the site, which is mainly in Japanese language, is to provide up-to-date and user-friendly information on the European Union in general and on EU-Japan relations.

linking Europe and Japan in high-tech business

European Business Community Japan

The European Business Community (EBC) is the trade policy arm of the 13 national European Chambers of Commerce and other Business Associations currently represented in Japan. Promotes European business activities and initiatives.

European Institute for Asian Studies

We aim to promote understanding and co-operation between the EU and Asia.


news and information about Greece and Japan and their bilateral relations.

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

promote the development of commerce between Italy and Japan. This web site offers timely on-line information to members and non-members alike. - the portal between Italy and Japan is a portal between Italy and Japan, where news and information about Italy are in Japanese and news and information about Japan are in Italian. There is also a page in English with mixed information. Members can send articles from the site itself. is also a place where companies can meet and show their products, through the help of translators and marketing experts.