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"Wa no Wa" Japanese art online gallery in Japan

"Wa no Wa" is a online shop introducing authentic Japanese culture and art to the world from Japan. You can purchase arts & crafts inspired by Japanese culture and art on-line. You'll find handmade works of art by talented Japanese artists.

Absolute Japan

Shop for Handmade kimekomi dolls reporductions of 18th century characters, depicting stories of samurais, geishas,k abuki and Noh. Washi crafts, yuzen washi, decoupaged eggs, oshie 3-D pictures and more.

artelino - The Magic of Art

Art auctions, galleries and forum for fine art with emphasis on ukiyo-e and Japanese art

Asian antique furniture in Yokohama, Japan

ethnica is an Asian antique furniture store located in Aoba-ku,Yokohama,Japan. we deal good conditioned antique furniture and tribal arts gathered from Japan, China, Korea,Tibet and India.

Bonsai Web

Portal to the art of Bonsai, Suiseki, Japanese Gardens and more.

Eri Takase Artworks

This website is devoted to the Japanese Calligraphy of master calligrapher Eri Takase. Here you will find hundreds of examples of works in Japanese Calligraphy.

Gallery of Nihon Kogeikai

Gallery of "Ningen-Kokuho" (living national treasure).

Gallery-SAKURA Japanese painting

Gallery-SAKURA is an online art gallery dedicated to such the Japanese fine arts as paintings (framed, scrolled), prints (woodcut, lithograph, silk screen).

Ichiyo Art Center

The Ichiyo Art Center is a resource center and retail store focusing on the arts of Japan; in particular, we specialize in Ikebana, hand-made Japanese paper (washi), and rubber stamps of Japanese imagery.

Japan Art

Art of Japan. Online review of various art styles.

Japan Canvas

Japan Canvas is a site for artists and art collectors with a passion for Japanese landscape art.

Japan Tea Box

Traditional Japanese cedar tea boxes—handmade by craftsmen for hundreds of years and lined with tin to protect the world's finest green teas—artfully transformed into elegant furnishings for your home or office.

Japanese Calligraphy and Traditional Craft - Art Shop Saiga

Saiga introduces graceful Japanese calligraphy(shodo) and traditional crafts(folding fan, oshie, etc.). Please enjoy the beauty and history of Japanese art.

Japanese calligraphy artist Naoki Sakaguchi

This is a Japanese calligraphy artist Naoki Sakaguchi official web site. He create an original japanese poem using your name. You can order online. For gift.. for memorial...

Japanese calligraphy shop Fudejiya

We stick to hand writing new calligraphy style to offer to customers.The original brush character goods (a Japanese paper postcard,wall tapestry of the Asia style, etc.) adhering to handwriting are sold.Please ask us to make cheerful Japanese calligraphy with your request!!

Japanese Ceramics Kanamy

Browse a wide selection of the highest quality Japanese ceramics made in Japan for sale to the world. We specialize in wares from the top producers in Imari and Arita.

Japanese Dolls Information

This site is intended for those who wish to learn more about ningyo. Its goal is educational, not commercial.

Japanese Gifts / Traditional Arts and Crafts - Online Shop Saiga

You can find fine Japanese traditional goods, real Shodo, great decorations, unique gifts and gift ideas. How about a cool Japanese gift for a birthday, Father's Day, and Christmas? How about fine art of Japan as decoration of your room?

Japanese Hina Dolls

Information about Hina Dolls from the Kyoto National Museum.

Japanese Woodblock Print

Asian Collection Japanese Print Auction

Japanese Woodblock prints, Ukiyoe and Shinhanga

Japanese antique ,modern arts and crafts store. Yokoyama deals with a very nice selections of Japanese wood block prints-Ukiyoe,Shinhanga and Screen.

knitjapan - Japanese Knitting

The site exists to highlight exhibitions in the UK which include work by Japanese knitters, and to profile interesting developments in Japan itself.

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu - 100 poems by 100 different poets

Also called Hyakunin Isshu, is An anthology of 100 poems by 100 different poets. The poems are all "waka" (now called "tanka"). Waka are five-line poems of 31 syllables, arranged as 5, 7, 5, 7, 7. The waka represented in Hyakunin Isshu were court poetry, which almost exclusively used the waka format from the earliest days of Japanese poetry until the seventeen-syllable haiku came into prominence in the seventeenth century.

Origami Art

Origami is the art of paper folding. The word is Japanese, literally meaning "to fold" (oru) "paper" (kami). Please feel free to explore these pages and make use of the resources you find here.


sada104 introduces you creative ideas and up&coming graphic artists, designers, and street fashion trend.

Shiho Kanzaki

Shiho Kanzaki's Anagama Studio in Shigaraki

Shunga "Images of Spring"

If you are interested in learning about the traditional Japanese erotic art known as "shunga", then this is a great website.

Takumi Japanese Dolls Shop

introducing how to make traditional wooden carvings, kokeshi dolls with live demostrations, and online gift shopping

Tokyo avant-garde and Japanese contemporary art

News, reviews, image galleries, and texts concerning avant-garde culture and contemporary art in Tokyo, Japan.

UKIYO Pictures of the Floating World

The art of ukiyo-e ("pictures of the floating world"), originated in the metropolitan culture of Edo (Tokyo) during the period of Japanese history, when the political and military power was in the hands of the shoguns.

Ukiyo-e Auction

Reference Guide to Ukiyo-e auctions and introduction to Japanese prints.

welcome to takarakiya-shin&flo'collection

Special for foreigners in Japan! Want sth funt and different? Welcome to Takaraki Ya, a japanese english bilingual online shop, from cutie handmade accessories to splendid cashmere stoles, all are of typical oriental folk features.As all items directly come from workshops, the price is really reasonalbe while quality well guaranteed.

Yakimono-Japanese Pottery

Weekly updates on the diverse world of Japanese pottery- directed by The Japan Times ceramic columnist Robert Yellin. View antique and contemporary styles from the first web site of its kind in the world.