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Chinese and Japanese Paper Lantern, Kimonos, Chopsticks

Offers Asian gifts including Chinese and Japanese paper lanterns, silk kimono robes, dresses as well as wedding favors and other gifts.

Daimyo of the Samurai Society

Daimyo of the Samurai Society is a Living History Society dedicated to the Lifestyle and Culture of ancient Japan. During living history display and historical time line event members re-enact thier personas of the past. Personas such as Samurai, Feudal lords, commoners, dutch maritime investors, and european dignitaries. Mmebership is free and is provide in two forms , Associate and Active. We maintain a International world wide membership. Check out our website and join a local Society Daimyo.

eStyles Japan

The digital lifestyles communities in Japan & Singapore ....

JAMPop Network

Your Online Source for the Latest in Japanese and American Pop Culture

Japan for Readers

News and discussion portal for books about Japan and Japanese culture. News and reviews, rumors and recommendations, lists and biographies.

Japan for the Uninvited

Articles about Japanese popular culture from a slightly twisted foreign perspective

Japanese Rule of 7

Offbeat and upbeat information about what it's like to live and work in Japan today.

Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation

A blog about the Shin-shin-toitsu-do system of Japanese yoga/meditation. Includes information about the book "Japanese Yoga: The Way of Dynamic Meditation."

Japanimation City

Original Japanese animation cels and other anime related topics


The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of Japan

Michi Online

Michi Online is a gathering place for everyone interested in the cultural arts of Japan. It is both an electronic journal and a collection of online resources for the Japanese arts community.


A community of Japanese and others who love Japan.

Neil Duckett dot com

A lot about nothing and nothng about a lot. My life in Japan including technology, culture, Nampa, Nomikai, Cuisine, Web Design and anything else along the way

Plastic Bamboo

The latest entertainment and technology news from Japan. Gadgets, music, film, TV, toys, culture and life.

Shudokan Martial Arts Association

SMAA has divisions for judo, karate-do, aikido, jujutsu, and iaido. Key members are Walter Todd, Dave Lowry, Wayne Muromoto, Nicklaus Suino, and others. Its goal is to promote traditional budo/bujutsu.

Tea Ceremony Introduction

Tea Ceremony is one of Japan's cultural traditions. I can't introduce everything about tea ceremony, but I will explain how to make and drink tea and some tea utensils.


Our goal is to introduce Japanese culture through 'Chanoyu' on a bilingual web site which updates monthly

The Japan Zone

A huge, well-designed site with over 200 pages on every aspect of Japan and Japanese culture. Traditional, modern, profiles, photos and much more.

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts website contains information about classes in traditional Japanese systems of yoga, healing arts, martial arts, and fine arts (calligraphy/painting and flower arrangement).

official web site for Kodansha International documenting the best in Japanese culture, including Language, Martial Arts, Home & Gardens, Hobbies, Travel, Cooking, Art and Literature.

Tokyo Weekender

Lifestyle, culture, news and sport for English speakers in Tokyo.