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Akiba Today

Business and Culture News from Tokyo Akihabara.

ATFM Films

We host videos and films from indepenedent artists. Some of the films are made by people in Japan. Members can directly upload their films to the server.

Dwayne Lawler is Japan's Macbeth

An interview with Dwayne Lawler, founder of Rising Sun Theatre a Japan-based Shakespearean troupe.

Famous Personages in Japan

These pages have been developed by the students of Kyoto Sangyo University for non-Japanese who would like to learn about famous personages in modern-day Japan. The people selected for these pages reflect the interests and opinions of university-age Japanese students.


A site about everything under Japan

It's Always a Pleasure to FEED

FEED opened for Smashing Pumpkins at Budokan in June 2000, playing their intelligent, passionate rock and roll in the vein of Radiohead, U2, Throwing Muses, Joni Mitchell, Bjork. FEED is singer/songwriter Maya Saito, guitarist Shinsuke Komiyama, bassist Akifumi Ikeda, drummer Taro Dai.

Designed for Japanese entertainment lovers.


Information and Newsletter to Japanese Arts


Cultural and Entertainment guide,. meet friends ,classifieds,forum and games.

Best Places to go out in Japan. We will give you ideas to do in Japan

Kaiju Conversations

Interviews with individuals who have taken part in the production of Japanese Kaiju Eiga, or Monster Movies

Monkey Heaven

A tribute to the cult 1970s Japanese TV show "Monkey".

New National Theatre Tokyo

Facilities of New National Theatre Tokyo, Performance Schedule, News, Japan Arts Council.

On The Globe

Sounds and Entertainment website.

Positive Productions

Positive was the first major promoter in Japan to have held such concerts of big name artists in Rap and R&B mainly in Yokohama, Tokyo and Osaka.

RaceQueen? We're referring to the Japanese phenomenon of pretty, demurely-clad young women wearing company logos who grace Motorsports Events in Japan.

This is a global entry point for those who feel much interest in rakugo (comic storytelling), misemono(sideshows), ukiyoe and kabuki.

Free comedy, culture and music video shorts from 'The Roppongi Happy Hour' based in Tokyo, Japan.

The Historical Simulation Boardgamers Society of Japan

We play historical simulation boardgames and computer games. We discuss history, politics, and diplomacy. We play political simulation games and traditional games like chess. Our discussion site won the Arcade Award!

Tokyo's online comedy source.

Trocadero Bistro Bar

French Restaurant. come join us for some fine french food, wine and more in a cozy atmosphere. parties, restaurant design consulting. in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan.

Usenet manga Glossary

Glossary lists important terms relating to manga and the manga industry.


Anime and manga entertainment. Search, games, etc.