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7th Osaka International Textile Machinery Show

OTEMAS incorporates the textile and fashion industries as a whole October 8-13, 2001, in Intex Osaka in Osaka City's Suminoe Ward.

Asian Music Festival 2000 in Yokohama

Asian Music Week(AMW) 2000 in Yokohama will be held at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall form Thursday, August 3 through Wednesday, August 9, 2000. This event will coincide with the 21st Asian Compopsers League (ACL) Conference & Festival. holds monthly parties in Tokyo, Japan. Great chance to meet new people, enjoy comedy shows, make new friends and find language exchange partners.

Japanese New Year Greeting Cards, Japanese New Year Ecards, Oshogatsu, Shogatsu

The Japanese New Year or 'Shogatsu', as the Japanese call it, is a very important Japanese holiday. Wish all your Japanese friends a happy and prosperous New Year through our online e cards.

Komodaru made by Kishimotokichiji Co.

Komodaru is a traditional Japanese containers used for celebrations and special occasions; other uses include simple and attractive decoration.

For all up-to-date news and entertainment in Tokyo and Japan

Street performer Mr. OKUCHI

Street performer Mr. OKUCHI formal site. Information full load, such as event schedule information.

Tokyo Community News

A monthly English language nonprofit, NGO and educational program listing provided by the People for Social Change.

Tokyo English Life Line

Tokyo events, info, and assistance for foreigners in Tokyo.

Tokyo Friends Party

Tokyo Friends hold monthly parties in Tokyo, Japan. Every event has over 250 people attending. Good chance to meet new people and make new friends.