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Guide to Anime covering popular series and movies.

Anime & J-Ent Picture Gallery

Gallery that contains hi quality only anime related pictures, pictures selected hand.

Anime for mature Adults

Enjoy the Anime for mature Anime lovers!

Anime check-list

Check-list of Japanese animated figures (anime) produced in Japan since 1917. The objective is to provide a complete census of all existing anime with charts analyzing trends in the anime industry.

Anime Genesis dot Com

Online channel to Japanese anime and manga with music, wallpapers, images and reviews.

Animenia Japanese Video Store

Animenia has an extensive selection of Japanese Animation, Japanese TV and movies available for rent or purchase, Beaverton, OR.

The AnimeSpider is a comprehensive directory and search engine of the rated anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics) sites available on the world wide to help the otaku web community find the appropriate resource they need.


Anime news, information, chat, games and more.

One of the hottest sites dedicated to Japanese Animation on the Internet. Get the latest news and information on some of the exciting new anime releases in the United States.

Bandai Entertainment

Check out one of the premier companies leading the way for Japanese Animation in the United States, Bandai Entertainment. Bandai has released some of the hottest titles around, Cowboy Bebop, The Vision of Escaflowne, and of course, the Mobile Suit Gundam series. We sell Japanese Toys

Importer and retailer offering a broad selection of anime and pop-culture collectible toys from Japan

Cosplay Friends

A friend site for cosplayers and people interested in anime and Japan. Completely 100% free.


Japanese anime,otaku,gaming site.

Digital Cog

Blog mostly concerned with Japan, Anime, Manga, Economics, Plants, Technology etc.

EX: The Online World of Anime & Manga

E-zine featuring news and reviews of series, music, and games. Nice website.

One of the hottest animated series today, Mobile Suit Gundam has invaded the United States. The latest updated information and source for Bandai's Mobile Suit Gundam model kits as well as story and character information.


All about Japan and Manga


Anime collective which sites include 'neo moon kingdom' about bishoujo senshi sailormoon, 'eyes unclouded' related to Mononoke Hime, 'memories' about Ifurita from el hazard. More sections include a gallery, win amp skins, wallpapers, quizzes, and chat. future projects include a Kamui shrine. --- Anime Wallpapers

A collection of desktops from popular and current anime series, scanned from Japanese Anime magazines such as Newtype, Megami, Animedia and Animage.

Seraphic Arts

Anime and manga wallpapers for your desktop.