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J A P A N   D I R E C T O R Y
Home > Lifestyle > Life In Japan

7:10 to Tokyo

News and information in the form of a blogazine.

A quiet & peaceful place

Walking off the beaten track. Exploring rural Japan by foot. Lots of nature, culture, & history

Are you Japanable? is a communication site about Japan that offers a free Bulletin Board (Forum) to bring people together to talk about common issues from life in Japan. Including: Buy&Sell, Travel Info, Immigration, Jobs, Family Issues, How Tos, Studying Japanese ... and lots more!

Black Tokyo

Information and news on Japan and Asia from an Afro perspective!

Captain Japan's Sake Drenched Postcards

Captain Japan reports the latest happenings in Japan and the South Pacific.

Chottomatte's blog

Everything you don't want to know about Japan.

Drunk Nanpa

Information on the best drinking spots and nanpa techniques for foreigners living in Japan.

Field of Mugi

A community web site for English-speaking Working Women in and outside Japan.

Gaijin Net

Gaijin Net is a great Tokyo Guide and Tokyo based Foreign Forum.

Gaijin Salaryman

A gaijin living and working in corporate Japan

Guide to Japanese Visas

Official guide with information on all kinds of visa for people from all countries of the world. Application procedure information and more.


insite-Tokyo is the most comprehensive and useful on-line Tokyo guide, produced and operated by a team of highly qualified Japanese and foreign members. Our 20 member advisory board consists of foreign business people and their families all living in Tokyo. We provide information to make your Tokyo life even more enjoyable.

Japan from the Driver's Seat

An American trucking in Japan, Michael Cash shares vies of Japan as seen from the unique vantage point of the driver's seat of a big rig.

Japan Info by JP41

Practical advice for people new to travelling or living in Japan. Topics include holiday accommodation, learning Japanese, building a website, cooking, health and pest control.

Japan Is Doomed

Japan Is Doomed started life way back on August 25th 2006, fifteen days before it's author was due to fly out to Japan, for a year long experience living and working in Tokyo. (More Info) Throughout that year in Japan, the blog was updated regularly, and accounts for all the updates between August 25th, 2006 and August 19th, 2007. Why "Japan Is Doomed"? It started out as an injoke, about Japan being in serious trouble when I arrived there. I don't really think it's doomed at all. Honest.

Japan Life - The Japanese community for all your Japanese needs

Japan Life - The Japanese community for all your Japanese needs

Japan Living

Learn all about living and working in Japan from those that do!

Japan Living

All about living, working and enjoying Japan. Articles are written by those who live here or have done.

Japan Survival Links

Japan Survival Links is here to help make living in Japan easier for English speakers.

Japan's English lifestyle support site ... from-hanna is a lifestyle portal for foreign residents of Japan, providing information, services, online shopping and a sense of community. is presented by Sony Marketing, (Japan) Inc.

Japanese - Online

This program teaches Japan's language and culture through the experiences of an expatriate family newly transferred to Tokyo. Learning is based on serialized lessons showing everyday experiences of a high school senior, Jason Miller, and his parents from Seattle, Washington.

Japanese Culture and Language

An critical and intelligent look at Japaneses new and current events.

Japanese Singles-Friendship,dating,marriage

International singles worldwide. Photos, sound clips, chat, videos & more. Register online.

Live, work, play in Japan, and discussion with other newbies.

Japon.Net (Spanish)

Resource in Spanish language


A non-profit, non-governmental services dedicated to the international community. We offer advice on anything from a simple question to an emergency situation, or sometimes we just listen.

Kimi Information Center

To help make your adjustment to life in Japan as smooth and pleasant as possible, Kimi Information Center provides accurate, up-to-date information and courteous assistance.

Kurashi News From Japan

Eco news, environmental events and local festivals, food safety and farming, NGO/NPO events, music

Liaison International

Exclusive introduction agency Many elegant and attractive Japanese ladies are waiting to meet and socialize with you. We arrange one-on-one meetings and social gatherings such as dinner parties. Foreign and Japanese professionals only need apply.

Living with children in Japan

Our information will be useful to you if you are moving to or living in Tokyo, if you are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant during your stay in Japan.

Married in Japan

A friendship and support group for foreign women in a relationship with a Japanese man. Members all over Japan. Active email group.Meet other members in your area. Free membership.

Meet Japan

This is not a commercial site but its just a link list which you might find what you want. Or im sure you will discover Japan. Please enjoy! Thank you!

My Blog 僕のブログ Mon Blog

Diary of a French-Canadian English teacher married to a Vietnamese, living in Japan and studying online at an Australian university. Confused? So am I!

Price Check

An Unofficial Price List of Every Day Items in Tokyo.

Snap!Japan from Rick Cogley

Snap!Japan is Rick Cogley's blog on the sights and sounds of Japan.

Tokyo Counseling Service

TCS provides professional counseling, psychotherapy and group therapy support services for people in the Tokyo area community through dance movement therapy, group and individual psychotherapy and support groups. Every counselor, psychotherapist (Japanese Certification for Psychotherapy) and clinical psychologist (Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists) at TCS is registered and certified in Japan. Any English speaking residents in the Tokyo area are naturally very welcome to join any of these groups and every psychotherapist/mental health counselor speaks both English and Japanese.

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)

Offers workshops and training for the international community in Japan

Tokyo Friends

We have over 3,000 members mostly based in Japan. Our members include high school students to company workers to housewives. The aim of TFC is promote global friendship around the world.

Tokyo related link exchange

Comprehensive travel guide to Tokyo Japan including all the main districts in Tokyo city and surrounding suburbs of Tokyo. Plus Tokyo maps, Tokyo itinerary, Tokyo pictures and Tokyo Hotels.

Tokyo Stories - A Funny Novel on Expatriate Life in Japan!

Tokyo Stories provides entertaining glimpses into the comical lives of expatriates in Tokyo, and shows us how their very different adventures and experiences become hilariously and unthinkably intertwined within the vast social landscape of this anything-goes metropolis. Wittily written and entertainingly funny, Tokyo Stories is both an informal guide to gaijin life and a "painfully delightful" read for anyone who is interested in what really goes on in the foreign community in Japan.

Tokyo with Kids

The interactive online community for English speaking parents in Tokyo and all of Japan!

United Front Japan

committed to uniting to promote and defend the rights of foreign nationals in Japan. Our efforts involve educating the Japanese government about our needs and making recommendations as to how to improve the situation occupied by legal foreign residents.

Wanderlust Japan

An Illustrated guide to Japanese culture, food and travel. Drawings, comics, information and writing by from the perspective of an expat.

Watashi to Tokyo

Mari - is a career woman from Tokyo introducing her lifestyle and The Real Tokyo. She will talk about Tokyo Style and Trends, Japanese Food and Culture, Health and Wellness along with the latest happenings in Tokyo in 'What's Up Tokyo?'

Website dealing with Japanese language support and discussion.

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