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Asian Kung-Fu Generation Flash Back!

This is a fansite for the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Here you'll find information about the bands profile, discography, get their latest news, pictures, streaming music samples, lyrics, guitar tabs, and much more!

Hiragana Song

Wonderful 16 year old Alyssa Collins pays her youthful, artistic tribute to the sounds of the Japanese language. Alyssa loves anime and all things Japanese! Please support her first single on iTunes. Thank you very much.

Japanese Sound Garden

Here you can find sound art ; Nash ambient and Image Work CDs.

Raiden - An up and coming rock band from Japan

Raiden are an international rock band raised in the streets of Yokohama, Japan. Raiden's members come from Australia, USA, UK and Japan. We aim to tell the world about Japan through rock! We aim to be the first band to make it big in the international rock market. Raiden are currently touring Tokyo and are searching for a record label. Visit our website for more information.


Official Site of Sugizo, the guitarist of Luna Sea.