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Aki's Page -Pop Poo-

Personal site of Japanese musician living in Tokyo,JAPAN

Bill Perrin's complete waste of bandwidth from Osaka, Japan

A personal site with info/links to stuff about Japan and Japanese in English including search engines, machine translation, news sources and more.

Free English Nanpa site!

A free English Nanpa site is finally here. All you need to do is submit some pictures and you are in the group!

Giappone OGGI

Bilingual site has just been set up by a Japanese living in Italy. It features recent Japanese topics, short novels, recipe of popular Japanese food, etc.

Japan Probe

Blog-based information source on Pop Culture, Entertainment, History and other stuff.

Japanese Cupid Party

Every day is a party on We have thousands of happy couples to prove it!

Kansai Born Players in the Major Leagues

Kansai & Japanese born baseball players playing or that have played in the Major Leagues.

Live in japan

Blog and forum for people living in japan, discussing about life, culture, food, travel in Japan.

Peter Payne Homepage

Want to live in Japan, or teach ESL in Japan, or just read my "You've been in Japan too long when" list? Lots of information here for fans of anything from Japan.

Riding Sun

Motorcycles and other stuff from a New Yorker in Tokyo

Tokyo Alien Eyes

Provides information for the rights of foreign residents in Japan since 1999 and presently organizing the network of 'ryugakusei', foreign students in Japan.

Tokyo Times

Pictures, news, and inane tittle-tattle from Japan