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Bridge Japan

non-business bulletin board for anything Japan-related. The message can be personal questions about Japan or any useful information on Japan

Communication Breakthrough

This site was created to provide a space in which Americans and Japanese can communicate--without the worry of a language barrier.

English Community Fourm.

On November 26th we have created a community forum for English speakers to share ideas and information. At this forum you are able to post information on employment, items for sale/trade/free, get togethers, language exchange, ect. Please keep the contents respectable. This forum is free to use by all. Please stop by and give it a try.

Fidonet Japan Link

a community whose members have an interest in Japan.

H - U.S. - Japan

H-US-Japan is an edited, international, nonpartisan list that provides scholars, graduate students, politicians, journalists, policy-makers, researchers, professionals, and others a free daily forum to discuss US-Japan relations in the context of economic, security, political, and diplomatic issues.