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Home > News and Media > Online News Sources

Japan Today

Japan's leading international news network covering news, politics, economics, business, crime, sport, entertainment, technology, new products and Internet, asia, environment and weather. With analysis, commentary and background information.

Asia Internet News

e-business and internet technology news.

AsiaBizTech (Nikkei BP Network)

daily news and technology business information in Japan and Asia.


Financial commentary and analysis of issues affecting companies and financial markets from Tokyo to Mumbai

Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review The website presents about 50 per cent of the content from the paper, as well as a range of web-only content.

Business Week Online : Global Biz

Some coverage of Asia and Japan. Good news source.

Far Eastern Economic Review

The Far Eastern Economic Review, published weekly in Hong Kong, is Asia's premier business magazine.

Financial Times : Asia Pacific

Financial, economic and political news coverage on Asia Pacific.

Fuji News Network

Online news on Japan and the world using text and video clips.

Hardware Manufacturing News

Get the latest news and updates on electronic components, integrated circuits, discrete semicondictors and pb-free materials used in component manufacturing.

Photographs, the latest news, and information on Japan as well as practical tools for people working with Japan.

iTV-Japan is Japan's First Internet TV Network for Business Executives. We provide interview programs by business leaders who active in the front lines of various biz fields in Japan.

Japan Globe

News on Japan and Asia.

Japan Research and Analysis through Internet

Editorials and analyses of social issues by Yasuharu Dando, Japanese science writer of nationwide paper."The Japanese Automobile Industry Has Broken a Taboo."and etc.

Japan's Alternative News Source: Japan box releases a fictionalized weekly satirical view based on life here in Japan.

Kenbox, Japan News

A categorized directory of news sources identified by icons: search engines/directories; general news; sports; business & finance

Mobile Media Japan

An independent English-language daily news service devoted exclusively to Japan's mobile and wireless industry; headlines, news, SMS, hardware, resources.

Nagoya, Aichi, Central Japan News

Online magazine for Central Japan/Chubu. News and information on Nagoya, Aichi, Mie, Gifu, Nagano, Fukui and more. for news about the 'real' Japan

News on Japan, Travel and Lifestyle in Japan, Learn Japanese, Japanese Food, Business or Work or Teach in Japan, Legal FAQ, Gadgets, Keitai/Mobile Phones, Video Games


NewzJapan reports on stories that are big news in entertainment or current events in Japan but never appear in English news.

Nikkei Net Interactive

Financial information source featuring 24-hour-news on Japanese business and stock quotes for 3,300 companies

A multilingual site (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic) with information on Japanese culture, society, politics, economics, and more.


Covering the economic and industrial might of Japan

Reportage and street images: Homeless in Osaka and other stories.

The Economist

web site for the The Economist magazine.

The Japanese News Resource --

A Mirror on Japan in the World - Net Resources on Japan

Trans-Pacific Radio

Podcasting, news, politics, and more from Tokyo, Japan.

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