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Cyber Kansai

Guide to sightseeing, eating out, traffic, music, media, and more.

Cyber Kansai -

Guidance of kansai. A store, a job offer, child-rearing etc...

Kansai Advanced Research Center

Established by the Japanese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Kansai Advanced Research Center's goal is to pursue frontier research in telecommunications technology.

Kansai De LinkedIn

The group: we will look for your new discussions and comments to discussions that are open. We will certainly grow, you may expect that. Many people are interested in our main concerns: 1. The sharing of news and ideas on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) and the use of SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES (SNS) (such as MIXI, Twitter, Facebook, SKYPE, the new open-source portals, etc.) for actual corporate needs - like sales, consumer response to company practices, new product-launches, recalls, etc.; 2. A secondary concern, of lesser importance, is that most of us in this group are interested in (someday) face-to-face networking with fellow LinkedIn members, such as informal meet-ups, hanami party, etc. I do this already; 3. Last concern, of the least significance: everyone is free and welcome to comment/message/start discussions in Japanese or English. Some members have limited Japanese ability; that is their problem. We are basically a bilingual group, but STRONGLY support Japanese users who prefer to write in Japanese. Nihongo de リンクトイン started this trend, but our group will be FOCUSED; 3a. A final word on focus, a rather minor word: while not required, several people took to doing a はじめまして discussion: see the discussion that begins with "NEW IN THE GROUP? Introduce yourself here." If you would, please do introduce yourself, perhaps note your interest in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, SNS-for-business, f2f networking, maybe share I short idea or suggestion, and do it in either J or E. Whichever lets you think/type faster. Please, thus, do not launch a separate discussion for self-introduction. (Thanks! It WILL get messy in our vibrant, growing group!)

Kansai Digital Archive

The recording of tangible andintangible cultural assets in the form of digital images, and storing this networks to other locations.

Kansai International Community Site 'WhyNot!?'

WhyNot!? is for foreigners and Japanese to meet online. Free Classifieds, Jobs, Accommodation, Friend Finder, Language Exchage, Events, Parties, Clubs and Bars etc...

Kansai Time Out

A monthly English-language news-and-listings magazine circulated throughout west Japan.

Information about the Kansai area.

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