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Arai Housing, Ichikawa City, Chiba

Cheap and furnished apartments for foreigners in the Tokyo and Chiba region during your stay in Japan.

Edogawa University

Education & Development Open Network System; uuniversity, junior college; admission, public lectures (in Japanese and English)

Ichihara City, Chiba

This Page containes various information about our Ichihara City and also containes information of JEF United Ichihara which is the professional soccer team based on our City.

TownNet Chiba directories of Chiba. General information, travel, regions, events, shopping, business, and more.

WellBalanace Acupuncture Clinic [Chiba & Ichihara]

WellBalance Chiba Soga Acupuncture Clinic (Chiba and Ichihara City). Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine health care service is available in English by a licensed pracittioner.