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Fujino Township: A Contemplative Guide

Unofficial guide to township in Kanagawa Prefecture. Photos, descriptions, events, news, other information about weekend hideaway spot.

Hakone National Park

Hakone Town Official Site. Guide for travelers includes sections on local attractions, festivals, events, lodging, history, art, and Live Cams.

Kanagawa Now

English guide to Kanagawa Prefecture, with area sightseeing.

Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa Prefecture

Emphasizes the use of modern media technology to record, research and present the art of the past.

Kawasaki Medical University Museum of Modern Medical Education

Our medical museum was established in 1981, for the purpose of educating medical students.

The Odawara Bulletin Board

The news and events of the Odawara area in English! A great resource for English speakers in the Southern Kanagawa area and Japanese who want to practice their English.

The Odawara Hockey Association

A site devoted to inline,street and ice hockey in the Southern Kanagawa region.

TownNet - Kanagawa

TownNet directories of Kanagawa. General information, travel, regions, events, shopping, business, and more.

Tsukui Township, Kanagawa Prefecture

Official page for Tsukui Township, Fujino's neighboring town to the south. (In Japanese)

U. S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka

Patient contact, administration, clinical specialties, mission statement, local area information.

Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation : YK Project

The YK (Yokohama/Kanagawa) Project was established in 1981 to promote interaction between local companies across various industry sectors. Approximately 150 firms from throughout Kanagawa Prefecture participate in the project, and membership is open to all small and medium sized local companies, regardless of their industrial field.

Yokohama Kanagawa World Trade Directory

Yokohama City & Kanagawa Prefecture Database of Companies.

Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokosuka City is located in the southeast of Kanagawa Prefecture and on the middle of the Miura Peninsula faces Tokyo Bay on the east and Sagami Bay on the west.

Yugawara Town

Yugawara is a quiet haven nestled peacefully between the natural beauties of the Izu-Hakone Mountains and Sagami Bay. Located in the most south-westerly corner of Kanagawa Prefecture, this historic spa town reflects the traditions and tranquility of a bygone era.