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Kyoto Guide

Contains lots of useful information to help foreign people in Kyoto. Also has active forum with the aim of bringing Japanese and foreign people together.

Kyoto Journal

Offering thought-provoking interviews, translations, humor, fiction, essays, poetry and reviews, accompanied by memorable photo-essays and illustrations

Kyoto Prefectural University

Official page for the prefectural university of Kyoto.

Ryokans in Kyoto

Information on Ryokan, Japanese style hotels.

The Kyoto News

Contains photos of Kyoto, festivals, info on flower viewing, language and traditional culture

TourClub Kyoto

Very cheap and brand new B&B located at a 9min's walk from Kyoto Station, with internet, bicycle, free coffee and beautiful Japanese garden & livingroom.

Viva Kyoto

Introduction to Kyoto's history, culture and traditions. Local points of interest. Goods made by local artisans also sold.