Japan to remove goshawk from endangered species list
Jiji -- Aug 24
A subgroup of the Japanese government's Central Environment Council on Wednesday approved the removal of the goshawk from the list of domestic endangered species on Sept. 21, after the recovery of its population.

The goshawk, whose scientific name is Accipiter gentilis fujiyamae, will be the second species in Japan to be removed from the list, set under the law for the conservation of endangered wildlife species. The first one was the Amami jay, or Garrulus lidthi, whose designation was lifted in 2008.

The goshawk is a bird of prey at the top of the food chain.

A survey conducted in 1984 found the number of goshawks had fallen below 500 across Japan, due chiefly to development of residential land by clearing village forests, the habitat of the goshawk, as well as to poaching.

News source: Jiji