Kamen Rider tops list of favorite childhood heroes
Jiji -- Aug 25
Japanese popular television series superhero "Kamen Rider" topped a list of heroes people admired in their childhoods, with "Sailor Moon," a heroine in anime series of the 1990s, coming first among women, according to a survey by Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co.

In the survey of the company's employees, "Kamen Rider," a superhero in the long-running live-action TV series, was the most popular childhood hero among respondents across various generations.

"The scene in which the hero changed his appearance to become Kamen Rider was cool," a respondent in his 50s said.

Ranked second was "Ultraman," from a special-effects TV series, which became a social phenomenon for its hero battling against monsters.

The hero Son Goku from "Dragon Ball," an anime series based on a popular comic, ranked third, followed by "Ultra Seven," another special-effects TV series hero, and Hyuma Hoshi from "Kyojin no Hoshi" (star of the giants), a popular old-time baseball comic.

News source: Jiji
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