All stranded descend mountain in Yakushima
NHK -- May 20
Officials of Japan's southwestern island town of Yakushima say all the people stranded on a mountain have descended by Sunday evening.

The officials say 314 people, mostly hikers, were stranded on the mountain after mudslides triggered by torrential rain blocked roads on Saturday.

The stranded people stayed overnight on the mountain before descending on foot to where waiting buses took them to a police facility on the island.

The officials say three of them are being treated at a hospital for symptoms similar to hypothermia.

記録的な大雨が降った鹿児島県の屋久島町で土砂崩れで孤立していた登山客ら314人全員が救助されました。 屋久島町などによりますと、「縄文杉」への登山口に向かう県道などで土砂崩れが発生してバス4台を含む車11台が立ち往生し、18日に約300人が車の中や山小屋で一夜を過ごしました。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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