Emperor's first rice planting ceremony
NHK -- May 21
Japanese Emperor Naruhito transplanted rice seedlings in a paddy at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Monday.

The ceremonial event was the emperor's first since he ascended the throne on May 1. The annual tradition was started by his grandfather, the Emperor Showa.

Wearing a turquoise long-sleeved shirt, gray trousers and boots, the Emperor entered the paddy and transplanted 100 seedlings.

The little plants grew from seeds, which Emperor Emeritus Akihito planted last month before his abdication. The Imperial Household Agency said two varieties of rice were transplanted.

The seedlings will be harvested in autumn and used in a ceremony that will be held at the palace.

天皇陛下が即位後、初めて田植えをされました。 20日午後、天皇陛下は長袖シャツにズボン姿で長靴を履き、皇居内の水田でもち米の「マンゲツモチ」の苗20株を慎重な手つきで植えられました。その後、うるち米の「ニホンマサリ」の苗も植えられたということです。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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