Osaka: Man, 33, arrested over stabbing of officer -- Jun 17
Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a man for allegedly stabbing a police officer and stealing his gun in Suita City on Sunday, reports Fuji News Network (June 17).

At around 5:30 a.m. Yujiro Iimori, 33, allegedly used a knife to stab 26-year-old officer Suzunosuke Kose at the Senriyama Police Box. He then stole the officer’s gun, containing five rounds of ammunition, before fleeing the scene.

Kose is currently unconscious in a hospital, police said.

After police publicly released security camera footage showing the suspected perpetrator, Iimori’s father contacted police, believing the person was his son.

Yujiro Iimori

Police released security camera footage showing the suspected perpetrator in Suita City on Sunday (Twitter)

At around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, officers apprehended Iimori in Mino City on suspicion of attempted murder. The gun, which contained four bullets, was also retrieved from the suspect.

The stabbing took place after two colleagues responded to call about a break-in. Police later determined that the call, which turned out to be fake, was made from public phone located about 800 meters from the police box, police said.

Police are now seeking a motive for the crime.

大阪府吹田市の交番で男性巡査が刺されて拳銃が奪われた事件で、警察は逮捕状を取って行方を追っていた東京・品川区に住む33歳の男を17日朝に大阪府箕面市内で発見して逮捕しました。 逮捕されたのは、強盗殺人未遂の疑いで逮捕状を取っていた品川区に住む飯森裕次郎容疑者です。この事件では16日、吹田市の千里山交番の前で古瀬鈴之佑巡査(26)が包丁で刺されて重体となり、実弾入りの拳銃が奪われました。交番の防犯カメラには事件前に不審な男が映っていて、警察は飯森容疑者の犯行とみて強盗殺人未遂の疑いで逮捕状を取って全国に指名手配をして行方を追っていましたが、17日朝に箕面市内で飯森容疑者を見つけて逮捕しました。警察によりますと、逮捕された飯森容疑者は拳銃を所持していたということです。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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