Alert over record rain in western Japan

NHK -- Jul 04
Japanese weather officials say extremely heavy rain is expected to continue in the southwestern region of Kyushu through Thursday. Parts of the region are facing a high risk of mudslides and flooding as they have had two months' of rain in just a week.

The officials are encouraging people in the region to evacuate without waiting for advisories to ensure their safety.

Rainfall in parts of Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures has reached 1,000 millimeters since Friday. That's double the average rainfall for the whole month of July.

Authorities have issued mudslide warnings in parts of the two prefectures.

The weather officials say localized downpours are expected through Thursday afternoon in southern Kyushu.

They say rain clouds are developing in other regions as well, as a hovering seasonal rain front is triggering warm and humid air flows.

There is also a chance of heavy downpours in the western region of Kinki and in eastern Japan through Thursday morning.

Authorities are warning people to stay alert even after the rain stops, as saturated land could collapse later.


九州の大雨は峠を越えてきましたが、土砂災害には引き続き警戒が必要です。 梅雨前線の活動が活発になっている影響で九州では南部を中心に大雨となり、降り始めからの雨量は宮崎県えびので1089.5ミリ、鹿児島県八重山で842.0ミリなど、すでに7月の平年の2倍以上の大雨になっている所もあります。3日夜に掛かっていた活発な雨雲は南へ下がり、九州南部の大雨の峠は越えつつあります。ただ、これまでの雨で地盤がゆるんでいるため、九州では引き続き土砂災害や河川の氾濫に警戒が必要です。現在も土砂災害警戒情報が鹿児島県に発表されています。また、4日は奄美地方から東日本の太平洋側を中心に局地的に大雨の恐れがあり、今後、予想される雨量は種子島、屋久島を中心とした九州南部で150ミリ、東海で130ミリ、関東甲信と奄美で100ミリとなっています。 - ANNnewsCH