Tokyo: P.E. teacher accused of sex with pupil -- Aug 02
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 35-year-old teacher at a public middle school in Adachi Ward for allegedly engaging in sex with a female pupil last year, reports TV Asahi (Aug. 1).

In March of last year, Yoshito Kokuno, a physical education teacher, allegedly engaged in sex with the girl, then 15, at a hotel in the metropolis while knowing she is a minor.

Kokuno denies the allegations, telling police that the encounter was for a consultation. “We went to the hotel, but we did not have sex,” the suspect was quoted.

In January, a parent of another girl consulted with police. “[Kono] requested that my daughter send him nude photos via Line,” the parent said.

After launching an investigation, police found the suspect to be in possession of nude photographs of persons believed to be minors.

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