Hagibis leaves damage across Japan
NHK -- Oct 13
Typhoon Hagibis has caused death and destruction across Japan. Three people have died, one other was found without vital signs, 17 people remain missing, and more than 90 people were injured.

In Nagano Prefecture, three cars were washed away by flood waters near the Chikuma River. Three people have been rescued but three others remain missing.

The Tama River, which flows through Tokyo, has overflowed. Some buildings, including a hospital, were flooded as a result.

The local fire department dispatched a rescue team to confirm if there is anyone who failed to escape. So far, one man has been found dead.

In Fukushima Prefecture, fire department officials in Nihonmatsu city say two people went missing after a landslide destroyed a house.

Two people are also missing in Shirakawa city after their cars were submerged.

A city official from Tomioka in Gunma Prefecture says two houses collapsed in a landslide. One man was rescued but later died.

Rescue efforts are underway to find two other people who remain missing.

In Chiba Prefecture, a barrage of violent gusts of wind caused extensive damage to some homes.

A 50-year-old man was found in an overturned car and later died. Police are looking into whether strong winds caused the accident.

In the Tokyo metropolitan area, more than 300,000 homes are still without power.

News source: NHK
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