Japan may be hotter than normal in next 3 months

NHK -- Jul 23
Japanese weather officials say higher-than-normal average temperatures are expected across the country over the next three months.

The Meteorological Agency says a Pacific high-pressure system is likely to block cold air masses north of Japan from flowing into the country from August through October.

Officials say average temperatures for the three months will be higher than normal in eastern and western Japan, as well as Okinawa and Amami in the southwest.

Northern Japan is expected to be as hot as or hotter than normal.

Temperatures this month are relatively low for July across the country due to torrential rain and other factors.

This means that many people may not be accustomed to high temperatures. In addition, wearing masks to prevent spreading of the coronavirus could make it more difficult for people to cool down.

Authorities say people can remove their masks if they are outdoors and socially distanced from others. Those wearing masks are urged to refrain from vigorous exercise and stay hydrated.

Weather officials warn that the risk of heatstroke will be higher when temperatures surge after the rainy season. They're calling on people to be aware of the latest weather information and take precautions.