Suspected illicit photographer plunges to death from Nakano apartment building -- Aug 04
A man suspected of taking illicit films of a girl plunged to his death from his apartment in Nakano Ward on Tuesday, police said, reports TBS News (Aug. 4).

At just after 6:00 a.m., four officers from the Machida Police Station used the intercom to contact the man, 52, inside his 20th floor unit of the building, located in Higashi Nakano.

“I would like to change my clothes,” the man reportedly told them. When they did not hear from him again, the officers entered via a duplicate key.

They then realized that the man had plunged from the balcony and onto a rooftop for a courtyard on the third floor. He was later confirmed dead.

Last month, the man was suspected of taking tosatsu, or voyeur, footage up the skirt of a 15-year-old girl in Machida City.

The officers arrived at the residence to question the man on suspicion of violating a metropolitan public nuisance ordinance.

“There was no problem with the investigation,” the Tokyo Metropolitan

Police said in commenting on the matter.

4日朝、東京・中野区にあるマンションで警視庁の捜査員が20階の部屋に住む52歳の男を盗撮の疑いで逮捕しようと踏み込んだところ、この男がベランダから飛び降りて死亡しました。  警視庁によりますと、午前6時すぎ、警視庁町田署の捜査員が盗撮事件で男を逮捕するため中野区東中野にあるマンション20階の男の自宅を訪れました。男はインターホン越しに「着替えるのでお待ち下さい」と話しましたが、時間が経っても出てこないため捜査員が合鍵を使って部屋に入ったところ、ベランダから飛び降りたということです。男はマンションの中庭に落下し、その場で死亡が確認されました。男は先月24日に東京・町田市内の駐輪場で少女(15)のスカートの中を盗撮した疑いで逮捕状が出ていました。
News sources:, ANNnewsCH
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