The best casino facts that you have to know -- Aug 11
At first glance, the casino might seem nothing special or out of the ordinary but if you have a keen sense for detail, you’d realize that casinos are among one of the most well-thought-out and purposefully executed architecture out there.

Compared to gambling on the best bingo sites, for instance, the primary aim of casinos is to draw in patrons into their dazzling halls; thus, it only makes sense that their building design should also reflect that objective. Their elaborate and somewhat confusing interior is meant to both physically and subconsciously keep patrons kept within the four walls for hours on end.

Curious to find out more about how casinos influence players’ psyche to willingly remain in the casinos? Then keep on reading.

1. Barren Walls

A key characteristic of a casino’s design would be the lack of windows or clocks on the walls. It’s a detail that the majority of patrons miss. However, this is no interior decorating accident but on purpose.

The absence of clocks is an obvious one — it prevents patrons from knowing and keeping track of what time of day it is. Even casino dealers are discouraged from wearing watches. Additionally, the lack of windows supports this by concealing daylight from entering the casino halls, thereby preventing patrons from knowing whether it’s day or night. Although these are subtle details removed from casino interiors, they evidently have a profound impact on patrons. This way, patrons easily get lost and overindulge in the games without a care in the world so long as their bank account allows it. Undoubtedly, these environmental conditions perpetuate the potential spiral into addiction that gambling might bring.

2. No Place Like Home

Another environmental factor that comes into play (no pun intended) in casinos are the lighting fixtures. If you notice, apart from the casino game machines, casino lights aren’t as brightly lit as their counterparts. Although they might come in an array of endless rows of bulbs, they illuminate the room with a rather dim and mellow, yellow hue.

Perhaps this tactic is to replicate the ambiance of a warm and cozy home. Simultaneously, this subdued background juxtaposes against the overstimulating foreground of noisy jackpot bells, whirring slot wheels, and lively poker tables. However, the homely ambiance gives off a sense of comfort and familiarity, making patrons more inclined to remain longer and be more convinced of their winning streak that night.

3. Cheap Thrills

While no respectable casino would ever blatantly take advantage of casino goers by rigging machines, there’s nothing in the rulebook against some basic mind games. In order to keep players on their toes, casino games don’t just gnaw away at people’s pockets at exorbitant prices. Instead, they consistently issue small payouts to players to convince patrons to stay longer and remain engaged. After all, if you can’t win, the next best feeling is almost winning. Thus, receiving some monetary compensation during each round of bets serves as a minimal form of relief. Moreover, this entices players to think they have a higher chance of winning future rounds by continually playing, convinced that their luck is sure to turn around and that jackpot is just around the corner.

4. Bottoms Up

Some might say that alcohol is the means to an end but who’s to stop a steady flow of liquid courage when it’s on the house. With senses alert and heightened, alcohol becomes a trusty companion beside every player’s deck of cards. In order to keep the steady stream of alcohol going, many casinos often employ a staff of charming cocktail waitresses to serve patrons all night. With never-ending booze and a roaring good time trading cards and tokens, it’s not difficult to see why casino games last well into the night.

5. Slightly Inconvenient Amenities

Another strange feature about casino layouts is their questionable arrangement of amenities like toilets, booking windows, and eating areas that are located at the backend of the hall. This strategic placement forces patrons to navigate through a maze of tempting slot machines and tables before they reach said facilities. Thus, more often than not, they’d be distracted and stop by for a few more rounds of games. This same principle can be applied to when patrons try to leave the casino halls.

6. Complimentary Offers

Although most patrons are expected to pay for their games and drinks, on some occasions, they might be on the house. These complimentary offers might come in the form of free meals, shows, drinks, bets, or point cards, and last but not least, a buffet spread. Unsurprisingly, this is an excellent PR tactic to garner more attention and favor from patrons because no one can resist freebies.

Out of all the different kinds of freebies offered, perhaps the most common type issued out by casinos are free points for a player’s casino card during games. This is a win-win scenario for both patrons and casinos because players accumulate points to subsequently redeem rewards and prizes while casinos don’t have to fear any initial tangible losses. Typically, these free offers are catered more towards the smaller-scale players such that they’ll still leave feeling mildly satisfied with smaller earnings. Nonetheless, this method of giving out freebies proves to be a viable and sustainable percentage of income for casinos.

7. Privileged Winners

Last but not least, the high-stake gamblers are arguably the most valuable patrons to casinos. They strut in with their big watts of cash, eager to bank in all their money in one sitting. Thus, casinos have their own special tactics to keep these big spenders satisfied throughout the night — the longer they stay in the casino, the more money they spend. Needless to say, those who strike the jackpot are given extra attention and treatment.

These exclusive privileges may come in the form of premium offers like free suites, luxurious dining, and more irresistible prizes as if these higher rollers are VIPs or royalty. While all these privileges are great, remember, it always comes at a hefty price.


Now you know all the tricks and schemes casinos subtly incorporate into their business, be it through their architecture design or promotions. The common thread that connects all these is that they’re all strategic and done for a purpose. Nothing is done as frivolously just for show as what you might have initially thought. Thus, the next time you consider visiting a casino with its flashy lights and alluring slots and tables, think twice about your spending habits there.