NTT to take Docomo private for $40 bil.
NHK -- Sep 30
Japanese telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone has announced a takeover bid worth about 40 billion dollars to acquire a 100 percent stake in its wireless subsidiary NTT Docomo.

The move comes as Japan's new Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said he wants to see lower mobile phone rates in the country.

In a press conference on Tuesday, NTT President and CEO, Sawada Jun said that the takeover will strengthen Docomo's financial base and will enable the company to cut prices.

NTT management is aiming to streamline decision-making to be able to adapt more quickly to new technology and government pressure to cut fees.

NTT currently owns about 66 percent of the mobile carrier which is the most profitable part of the NTT group. Docomo has the most subscribers in the country. The parent company has decided to take full control of Docomo by acquiring the roughly 34 percent of outstanding stock in the company.

Shares of NTT Docomo surged by the daily limit of almost 16 percent in Tokyo following reports of the expected takeover bid. Meanwhile, NTT fell 2.9 percent. NTT Docomo will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange once the tender offer is completed.

NTTは29日午後に開かれた記者会見で、NTTドコモのすべての株式を取得して、完全子会社化することを決めたと発表しました。一般株主などからTOB=株式の公開買い付けによって取得。買収総額は、約4兆2500億円だといいます。  NTTドコモ・吉澤和弘代表取締役社長:「今回の判断は社会の変化と5G時代のお客さまニーズに合わせて、ドコモ自ら変革し、さらなる成長を実現するためのものである」 東証一部上場のドコモは、NTTが約66%の株式を保有していて、TOBが成立すれば、上場廃止となります。  NTT・澤田純代表取締役社長:「私どもはドコモが、NTTグループの中核として値下げも行い、かつ良いサービスも出し、市場でも戦い、研究開発も進めてくれる。そういうことを一緒にやっていきたい。まさに“広がっていく宝”だと捉えている」
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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