Jetstar Japan to drop 6 domestic routes

NHK -- Oct 09
Officials with low cost carrier Jetstar Japan are struggling to weather the turbulence of the coronavirus crisis. They say the situation is forcing them to temporarily halt flights on six domestic routes.

The officials say they'll drop the routes from the end of this month to next March. They say they're yet to decide what to do beyond that point, leaving open the possibility they'll make the change permanent.

The officials say at this point they can't see any way that the routes will become profitable again.

The decision means the carrier will close the office for its pilots and cabin attendants at Kansai International Airport.

It's also encouraging its roughly 600 pilots and cabin attendants to voluntarily retire, or take long-term unpaid leave.

The carrier says it will continue to fly 16 other routes, including those connecting Narita Airport with the Kansai region and Fukuoka.

Earlier this week, another budget airline, AirAsia Japan, said it will withdraw completely from Japan.