Tokyo police to accuse deceased man over alleged murder of ex-girlfriend -- Oct 16
Tokyo Metropolitan Police are planning to accuse a deceased man of fatally stabbing his former girlfriend in Nakano Ward earlier this year, reports TBS News (Oct. 14).

Early on August 30, Hiroyuki Takahashi, 34, is alleged to have used a knife to repeatedly stab 38-year-old Asami Noguch at her residence.

After she was found collapsed inside by her brother later that day, Noguchi was confirmed dead at a hospital.

She had suffered 23 wounds to the head, face and other locations of her body. Police later said that the fatal blow was a stab wound to her back that pierced a lung.

Police retrieved a bloodstained knife with a 20-centimeter-long blade from Noguchi’s residence.

Also on August 30, police discovered Takahashi dead on the grounds of an apartment building located about two kilometers from Noguchi’s residence. He is believed to have committed suicide by leaping from the building.

In August of last year, the former boyfriend was sent to prosecutors on suspicion of assault and inflicting injury for allegedly striking Noguchi in the face. She then ended their relationship.

Police plan to send Takahashi to prosecutors on suspicion of murder.

東京・中野区で洋菓子店に勤める女性が殺害された事件で、警視庁は別の場所で自殺した元交際相手の男について殺人などの疑いで書類送検しました。  高橋宏征容疑者(34)は8月、中野区のマンションに侵入して洋菓子店に勤める野口麻美さん(38)を刃物で殺害した疑いなどで今月15日に書類送検されました。高橋容疑者は野口さんの元交際相手で、別の場所で自殺しているのが見つかりました。捜査関係者によりますと、高橋容疑者の服からは野口さんの血液が検出されたということです。野口さんの両親は15日朝に取材に応じ、「『ケーキ屋で勉強して、お店を持ちたい』と夢を抱いていて、まさに階段を上っているところだった」と話しました。また、「容疑者が死亡し、真相は分からないが、悔しいという気持ちは麻美も嫌だろうから彼女が心配しないように生きていきます」と胸の内を明かしました。
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Tokyo Metropolitan Police are planning to accuse a deceased man of fatally stabbing his former girlfriend in Nakano Ward earlier this year, reports TBS News (Oct. 14). (
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