Fukuoka Ryokan: Traditional inns winning the heart of travelers

newsonjapan.com -- Nov 01

Fukuoka, located in the Kyushu province, is the ultimate destination for travelers who want to enjoy the delightfully authentic Japanese cuisines at the traditional inns.

The southern island city has a cosmopolitan structure and is often referred to as the entrepreneurial capital. The town has capitalized on the different types of economic programs launched by the government, which encouraged the entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the city. According to Forbes, Fukuoka has come up as the preferred location for competitive startups, which has resulted in a young, smart, and dynamic population.

Being the largest city in Kyushu, Fukuoka has also emerged as the entertainment hub, including bestcasinosonlines.com. This city is also famous because it has inspired a generation of J-Pop idols who topped the charts since the 1980s. However, the city has successfully maintained its rich history in the form of ancient shrines and templates spread across the city. Travelers are still mesmerized while visiting Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a glaring example of exquisite Fukuoka architecture.

Thus, Fukuoka has always been one of the preferred destinations for travelers from all over the world, mostly Asian tourists. An average of 2 million people comes to the city to soak in all the rich cultural history, spiritual essence, and culinary delights. However, the city is quite popular with Western travelers. sbobet.

Ryokans in Fukuoka

If you're looking forward to your Japan tour, you must pay a visit to the dynamic and exciting Fukuoka city. The city offers an incredible selection of traditional ryokans (Japanese Inns) located in the lap of mountains and city fringes. The ryokans offer the perfect escape from the maddening city rush and enjoy some time amidst nature while enjoying a traditional stay at some of the best inns in Japan.

Let us find out a little more about the best ryokans in Fukuoka, where you can not only stay but also have a great time experiencing the best Japanese hospitality.

Daimaru Besso

This century-old ryokan in Fukuoka offers fantastic service along with an incredible and traditional Japanese garden. Daimaru Besso was founded in 1865 and had 3 primary buildings with traditional Japanese architecture and comprises of forty 40 Washitsu (guestrooms). Guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the exquisite Japanese garden from the Taishotei building.

All the guestrooms have a traditional Japanese design, with tatami flooring and sliding doors made from Shōji paper. The hot spring baths are incredibly relaxing and offer a great way to unwind after a hectic day of travel.

If you intend to spend a lazy evening with a cup of tea in your hand, the tea lounge, karaoke bar, and esthetic rooms at Daimaru Besso offer the perfect settings. Daimaru Besso is the highest rated ryokan in Fukuoka and offers 5-star service and accommodation to guests worldwide.

Zen–Oyado Nishitei

Zen-Oyado Nishitei is located near the famous Hakata Station and offers a calming properly in the heart of the city. This ryokan has legendary status among travelers from all over the globe who love to experience the authentic Japanese hospitality sans all the unnecessary glamour and glitz.

If you intend to get the rustic rural experience while still within the city limits of Fukuoka, Zen–Oyado Nishitei is your best option. Located at just over a 15-minute walk from the Sumiyoshi Shrine, this ryokan has the old-world charm that city dwellers often miss in their concrete cities.

You’ll certainly be impressed by the incredible style elements and design that enhances your overall experience of staying in a ryokan. You can never have enough of this stunning place, and once you set foot inside this beautiful inn, the chances are that you would never feel like leaving. Experience the remarkable Zen life for a few days and leave the Zen–Oyado Nishitei ryokan feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


Suginoya is situated in Furuyu Onsen District in Saga, which is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Fukuoka. Since it’s located near the city, it witnesses a steady flow of tourists from different countries.

The breathtaking view of the ryokan, located on the mountain slope, will certainly make you fall in love with nature. Cradled within the lush green mountains, the ryokan has an elevated hot sprint bath attached to each accommodation in the inn, which is a great attraction for visitors. You’ll find the interiors particularly inspiring with the tatami floors and sliding doors made from Shōji paper. Suginoya offers a soothing blend of modern architecture and traditional styling to create just the perfect aesthetics that one would expect from a traditional ryokan.

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