Tuna auction at Toyosu market reopens to visitors
NHK -- Nov 03
Visitors to Tokyo's largest food market once again have the chance to watch the famed tuna auction up close.

The special observation deck at the Toyosu market was reopened on Monday for the first time in about eight months. It's on the same floor as the auction venue.

The deck was closed to the public in late February due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The market has cut the number of visitors admitted to the deck from 120 to 27 a day. Visitors must apply in advance and are chosen by lottery. Everyone must wear a mask and have their temperature taken.

Eighteen people observed the auction on Monday morning. They took photos and watched how traders and buyers shouted and gestured as the big tunas changed hands.

A Tokyo woman who visited with her children said she was surprised at how loud the voices were on the auction floor. She said the children learned a lot about how the tunas they eat at sushi shops are sold in the market.

Applications can be submitted on the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market's Japanese-language website.

新型コロナウイルスの影響で2月末から中止されていた東京・豊洲市場のマグロの競りの見学が8カ月ぶりに今月2日に再開されました。  豊洲市場では場内での感染を防ぐためマグロの競りの見学が2月末から中止されていました。見学する人はマスクの着用が義務付けられ、市場に入る時に検温や消毒をします。また、見学できる人数は以前は一日120人でしたが、27人に制限されています。見学には事前の申し込みが必要で、東京都は今後の感染状況を見極めながら見学の人数を増やすか検討するということです。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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Visitors to Tokyo's largest food market once again have the chance to watch the famed tuna auction up close. (NHK)