Elementary school group rescued from sinking ship in western Japan
Japan Today -- Nov 20
A small vessel carrying 62 people, mostly sixth-grade students on a school trip, sank Thursday in the sea off western Japan shortly after all aboard were rescued by Japan Coast Guard ships and nearby fishery boats, the coast guard said.

The 19-ton Shrimp of Art was carrying 52 children at the time of the accident, with two of the students and a 72-year-old tour guide taken to the hospital for hypothermia and hyperventilation upon being rescued, according to the Takamatsu Coast Guard Office in Kagawa Prefecture.

The female tour guide required minor treatment after having ingested sea water, while the students, one boy and one girl, returned home after warming up.

The group of children from Kawatsu Elementary School in Sakaide in the prefecture was in the midst of a two-day school excursion that started Wednesday and included a cruise in the Seto Inland Sea.

According to the office, the captain of the ship, which operated as a "sea taxi," contacted the coast guard at around 4:40 p.m., saying the vessel was taking in water after bumping into a floating object in the sea off Yoshima Island.

A local fire department also received a report from the coast guard office, saying "A ship carrying elementary school children is about to sink and they are believed to be floating in the sea, wearing life jackets."

All 62 people on board, including five teachers, two tour guides and three crew members, were rescued by around 5:50 p.m. before the vessel foundered.

香川県坂出市沖で修学旅行の児童らを乗せた海上タクシーが沈没しました。児童ら62人は全員救助されました。  19日午後4時40分ごろ、坂出市与島の北側を航行中の海上タクシーの船長から「漂流物に衝突して船が浸水している」と通報がありました。海上タクシーには修学旅行中だった坂出市の小学校の6年生52人と教員、乗組員など合わせて62人が乗っていました。巡視船などがデッキや船の天井の上にいた児童らを全員救助しましたが、児童2人とバスガイドの女性(72)が病院に搬送されました。3人とも命に別状はありません。高松海上保安部は男性船長(45)から事故当時の詳しい事情を聴いています。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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A small vessel carrying 62 people, mostly sixth-grade students on a school trip, sank Thursday in the sea off western Japan shortly after all aboard were rescued by Japan Coast Guard ships and nearby fishery boats, the coast guard said. (Japan Today)
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